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About Construction Projects in Elkhart, IN

Just East of South Bend, Indiana, Elkhart is a medium sized city with plenty of room for growth. The population of just over 50,000 gives contractors a lot of opportunities to build. Similar to many other cities in Indiana, Elkhart has a few guidelines you have to follow. You don’t want to skip any steps in this process. Construction can take a long time, take a look at our guide for building in Elkhart before you undergo your project.

Building Permits

Before you start your construction work in Elkhart, you need to get the proper permits. You need a permit for new construction, alterations, repairs, demolitions, and maintenance. If you are still unsure whether or not you need a permit, contact the Permit Center at 574-294-5471.

There are a few different kinds of permits that the city offers. These include permits for Building, Electrical work, Mechanical work, and Excavation. Get the permits that apply to your project.

If you are applying for a building permit, there are a few things you have to include on your application. You must put the job address, the estimated value of the work, the class and description of work, and the proposed use of the building.

Along with your application will be the permit fee. Permit fees change based on the size and scope of the project. There is a $40 minimum for most projects, but certain jobs can add up to much more. For example, one- and two-family dwellings have a minimum of $40 and are $.10 per square foot. Commercial structures are even more expensive

Building Inspections

The Building Inspections Division in Elkhart handles the inspections part of the building process. Inspections are an important component of the building process because they ensure the safety and integrity of the project. Schedule your inspection online at the City of Elkhart website.

Contractor License

In Indiana, you do not need a state license to be a general construction contractor. This means you are permitted to do contracting work in the state without registering. However, if you do plan on doing any plumbing work, you will need a state license.

Contractor Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance for contractors is always a good idea. This type of insurance protects you from any damages caused by your employees or your company. You should also consider Workers’ Compensation Insurance. This helps pay for things such as medical bills if your employees were to get hurt on the job. Contact a local insurance provider who will have specific plans for contractors.

Construction Equipment in Elkhart, Indiana

Almost all construction projects use equipment to finish the job. Getting the right equipment is important in ensuring a successful, safe build. It is cheaper to rent this equipment rather than buying it. We can help with your equipment needs by offering quality equipment at a reasonable price.

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