Construction Equipment Rental in Evansville, IN

About Construction Projects in Evansville, IN

Construction projects of all sizes in Evansville, Indiana, come with a list of requirements. Contractors have to follow the rules to avoid legal problems or fines. You will have to get a permit before starting work on a new construction job or large remodel project.

Building Permits

The Building Commission looks at permit applications and decides whether or not they are approved. Those in this commission are looking at how they can protect building owners and property owners. They also look at zoning to make sure that the job site can have a house or office built on it. Particular areas of Evansville are set aside for commercial work. Others are for homes and multiple-family buildings.

When looking at permit applications, city officials also check the safety of plans. They make sure that the building plans meet local and state codes. Plans must be safe for tenants and residents. Permits are only given to licensed and skilled contractors. You need a permit for:

  • Demolition
  • New buildings
  • Additions and structural alterations
  • Adding swimming pools, siding, and windows
  • Re-roofing
  • Electrical work, including re-wiring and new wiring
  • Adding or changing a fire alarm system
  • Moving a building to a different location
  • HVAC, including installing a furnace, central air conditioner, fireplace, or wood-burning stove

Building Inspections

Most construction projects in Evansville need final inspections. Some types of work require inspections during the construction process. These include:

  • Concrete slabs, foundations, and footings
  • Retaining walls
  • Ceiling grids
  • Fire systems
  • Framing
  • Stone work

Contractors can call the Building Commission to schedule an inspection. The city of Evansville also has an online scheduling option. You can request an inspection in person at the Building Commission office.

Contractor Licenses

The only licenses issued by the state of Indiana in construction are for plumbers. Evansville and Vanderburgh’s counties have their licensing divisions. Contractors working in Evansville have to pass an exam and give proof of insurance, experience, and bond. To get a license, a contractor has to provide three letters of reference. Those letters will show that the applicant has at least four years of experience.

The Evansville Building Commission will only give permits to licensed contractors for most jobs. There are some exceptions in residential construction work. The process of getting a permit is complicated. Most homeowners choose to leave construction work to local contractors.

Contractor Liability Coverage

General and roofing contractors have to show proof of coverage for at least $500,000. Commercial contractors and unlimited roofing contractors have to show proof of insurance for at least $1,000,000. Subcontractors have to show proof of coverage for at least $300,000. When applying for any license in Evansville County, a contractor has to show insurance proof. If a contractor doesn’t have enough coverage, they won’t get a license.

Construction Rental Equipment in Evansville, Indiana

Many contractors don’t have all the equipment needed to complete every job. With aerial equipment rentals, you can handle a bigger scope of work. Available equipment for rent includes manlifts, forklifts, boom lifts, and scissor lifts.

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