Construction Equipment Rental in Fort Wayne, IN

About Construction Projects in Fort Wayne, IN

Fort Wayne’s building industry is on the rise. Residential growth is especially high in line with the city’s booming population. This large Indiana city has several building guidelines to protect residents and workers.

Building Permits

You’ll need a building permit from the Allen County Building Department to build or improve a property in Fort Wayne. Your permit tells the Building Department what type of work you’re doing. This information makes sure your inspector has the right knowledge to inspect your site. An inspector will visit your site during and after construction. He or she will make sure your work is up to code and that you’re working according to your permit’s guidelines and your plans.

You can apply for your building permit in person at the Allen County Building Department office. Bring plans and sketches of your project to submit with your application. You must also pay for your permit when applying. The office accepts cash, check, and credit card payments for building permits.

The Building Department will review your permit application. It will either approve it or suggest ways you can improve it to gain a permit. Make sure your permit application is complete and thorough to avoid holdups.

Building permits are usually valid for one year. You should start your project within 60 days of permit approval. If you stop working for 60 days, your building permit will expire. You can ask the Building Commissioner to extend your permit if your project takes longer than a year.

When you finish your building project, the Building Department will inspect it and issue final documentation. These papers will show that your building meets code compliance.

For more information about building permits, call the Allen County Building Department at 260-449-7131. The staff members will happily answer any questions you have to help your permit application succeed.

Necessary Building Licenses

To get a building permit, you’ll first need a valid license from the Allen County Building Department. You must pass an exam set by the county’s Building Commissioner to receive your building license. Building licenses expire on the last day of every calendar year. You don’t need to pass the exam to renew your license, as long as you’re getting the same license class.

Best Equipment to Use

Soils in Fort Wayne are usually a mix of fine sand and silty clay loam. It often rains in Fort Wayne during spring. This rain can cause the clay soil to become muddy. When it does, you’ll need a crawler undercarriage or four-wheel drivetrain for your aerial lifts. A raised working platform is also a good idea in these conditions to keep your jobsite cleaner.

Loose sandy soil can be a hazard for boom lifts because they prefer compacted clay. Forklifts also don’t like soft soil. You can rent a soil compactor to pack the loose ground down.

As Fort Wayne’s soil isn’t rocky, standard manlifts and scissor lifts should work well on your site.

With the right permits, licenses, and equipment, your Fort Wayne building project should be a success.

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