Construction Equipment Rental in Davenport, IA

About Construction Projects in Davenport, IA

The city of Davenport is the largest of the Quad Cities in Iowa. Its CSA (combined statistical area) population is 474,226. With so many residents, building construction is always popular in the city. Before beginning a construction project in Davenport, you’ll need to know the rules and regulations. Be prepared for some paperwork.

OSHA Rules

The federal government has safety laws about the use of machine equipment. Builders who need rental equipment like boom lifts, manlifts, scissor lifts, and forklifts must follow these rules. For example, any worker who uses a forklift must have a license and safety training.

Businesses must learn Section 1910.178 of OSHA’s rules. It explains the proper use of forklifts. OSHA wants to keep everyone safe, not just the people on the forklifts. So its rules make sure that the forklift driver is aware of the hazards of driving unsafely.

Licenses and Permits

Your business must follow the laws regarding permits and licenses . Make sure you are familiar with them before beginning a project. If you don’t get the right permits for your project, big or small, the building could become ineligible for property insurance. Also, when the owner is ready to sell, they may not be able to proceed due to the lack of necessary historical paperwork. You could be fined for doing work without the necessary permits, too. It’s that important.

You must have a permit for such residential work as remodels, pools, decks, fireplaces, roofing, and windows. You’ll also need permits for electrical, plumbing, HVAC, or mechanical work.

To get a permit, you’ll need to complete a stack of forms. You’ll also have to pay some fees up front. There is even a $100 charge to look over the building and the plot plans. You’ll need to provide a legal description and copies of licenses for electrical, plumbing, or mechanical contractors. Finally, the City will do an inspection of your work once you’re ready.

You can fill out some of the forms online at the City website. If you like, you can do so in person at the Public Works Center. The address is 1200 East 46th St. You can reach them by phone at 563-326-7745.


Make sure your business is adequately insured before starting work. All contractors licensed in Iowa must carry liability insurance. Liability insurance covers damage to other people or property caused by your work.

If you have employees, you must carry workers’ compensation insurance for their protection. If an employee is injured on the job, this will pay for their medical coverage and any missed work. The most common injury with lift equipment is falling.

If you use vehicles on the job, you’ll need to buy insurance for them, too.

Insurance companies work with a lot of construction companies. They will know what coverage you need. You should try to buy as much insurance as you can afford.

Getting all the proper permits and insurance for construction in Davenport is not simple. If you have any questions, contact the City’s Building Division at 563-326-7745.

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