Construction Equipment Rental in Des Moines, IA

About Construction Projects in Des Moines, IA

All cities have a list of permits, inspections, insurance, and licenses that contractors need. Des Moines, Iowa, is no different.

You must obtain many of these papers before you start a construction project. You need these if you work as a general contractor, plumber, or electrician.

Building Permits

The City of Des Moines has rules for construction projects. These rules put safety measures in place to protect the property and people.

Before you start a project, Des Moines asks that you obtain a building permit. You need one to add a fence, build a swimming pool, and install solar panels. You also need permits for some HVAC, plumbing, and electrical projects.

To obtain a permit, look through the list and choose the right one for your project. Give your documents and information to the Permit and Development Center. These papers include construction plans and code provisions. The Center reviews all records. It may take a few weeks for the office to check the plans. Some permits have flat fees. Others depend on the project’s value.

After you receive the permit, you have 180 days to start your project. The permit also expires if work stops for 180 days.

Building Inspections

Before you finish your construction project, you need a building inspection. Building inspectors give on-site inspections to make sure the project is safe and secure.

You can schedule an inspection online or by phone. No same-day inspections are given.

Contractor Licenses

For work done in Des Moines that involves electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and signs, you need a license. You also need one if you do construction business in the state and make more than $2,000 a year. The State of Iowa issues plumbing, mechanical, and electrical licenses.

Apply for a license 30 days before your project starts. It costs $50, and it expires after one year. You cannot apply online or via phone, so you must mail in the paperwork with a check or money order.

General contractors need to register with the Iowa Division of Labor. Electricians register with the Electrical Division of the State Fire Marshall. Plumbers register with the Iowa Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Board.

Contractor Liability Coverage

As with licenses, the City of Des Moines makes contractors have liability coverage or bonds. These insurance policies cover the property and contractor if there are any accidents.

The city’s Finance Director sets the amount and type of coverage needed. The insurance condition is part of the permit. The city engineer can also approve at least a $5,000 bond. Also, if your office isn’t in Iowa, you must have a $25,000 bond.

Construction Equipment Rental

Sometimes contractors need to rent gear for the job. Renting gear, such as aerial equipment, might include:

If you want construction work in Des Moines, you need to have all your papers in order. Knowing what documents you need and when you need them can help get your project started quickly. The last thing you need is to wait for permits, insurance, inspections, and licenses. Take care of these items right away so you can focus on the project and make your vision a reality.

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