Construction Equipment Rental in Waterloo, IA

About Construction Projects in Waterloo, IA

Waterloo is the sixth-largest city in the State of Iowa with a population of over 68,000 people. Situated in Black Hawk County, Waterloo is a good place to start thinking about. There are plenty of building opportunities to take advantage of and now is the time to take advantage of them. When you do take advantage of them, make sure you get the right equipment for your job. You’ll also need certain permits, inspections, licenses, and insurance. Do your research and get educated on the rules and regulations in Waterloo.

Building Permits

For most construction jobs in Waterloo, you will need a permit. There are, however, some exceptions. The following are examples of projects that do not need a permit:

  • Retaining walls and fences lower than four feet in height
  • Sidewalks, driveways, and patios
  • Painting, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, and papering
  • Window awnings
  • Swimming pools
  • Swings and playground equipment
  • Doors and window replacement
  • Detached accessory buildings

If you are working on a project that is not one of the ones above, it is likely that you will need a building permit. You can find the application online, and there are a few things that need to be submitted with it. Information about the property owner, contractor, and engineer all has to be on the application. You also need to specify the class of work and the type of structure. This information along with the total valuation of the project and the estimated completion date must be on the Building Permit Application.

In addition to the application is a permit fee. The permit fees are based on the valuation of the project and start at $24.00. As the value of your project increases, the fees will also increase. Go on to the cities website to find a specific fee schedule.

Building Inspections

Once you have received your Building Permit, you can begin construction. Before you finish the project, however, you need to schedule an inspection. Inspections are an important part of the building process because they ensure the safety and integrity of all buildings built within the city limits. To schedule an inspection, visit the City of Waterloo website to find which inspector applies to your build. Then contact that inspector to schedule the inspection.

Contractor License

In Waterloo, to perform contracting work in the city, you have to get a license. The first step to getting your license is determining which kind of license you want to have. Next, apply for the State Contractor’s Registration number and get the required insurance. After you have all the required liability insurance, you must take and pass an exam. If you pass, the city will issue you your license.

Construction Equipment in Waterloo, Iowa

Projects in Waterloo are similar to projects in the rest of Iowa. This means that most projects will need to use construction equipment to get the job done. Equipment varies from project to project, but aerial equipment and earthmoving equipment is the most popular. Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Manlifts, and Forklifts are all very common on construction sites. Find out what you need and give us a call here at BigRentz!

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