Construction Equipment Rental in Garden City, KS

About Construction Projects in Garden City, KS

Garden City is a small town in Western Kansas. There are many opportunities in this small town for you to build. Before you start, however, you need to know about all the rules and regulations. Certain permits, inspections, licenses, and insurance must be obtained before you can begin building. You should also have all of your equipment squared away before you start. BigRentz can help you get going in the right direction.

Building Permits

The Building Inspections Division takes care of most of the requirements when it comes to construction in the city. You need a permit for most types of construction, and you might need a different permit for certain jobs. The different permits include:

  • Building
  • Roofing
  • Signage
  • Demolition
  • Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC
  • Excavation
  • Fencing

When you apply for your permit, there are a few things that you need to include with your application. You must include the project address, the description of the work, contractor information, certain plans and site drawings, and the permit fee. In addition to that information, you should write down the estimated value of construction, the square footage, and information on the number and type of rooms in the building.

Building Inspections

In addition to getting your building permit, you have to get an inspection. Inspections are an important part of the construction process. They allow the city to double check all the work that’s been done before they issue a Certificate of occupancy. To schedule your inspection in Garden City, call 620-276-1120.

Contractor License

Before you can get a Building Permit in Garden City, you have to get your State Contractor’s License. Kansas makes every contractor pass an exam to ensure only high-quality work is being done. The exam has two parts. There are a math part and a business law portion. The exam is 100 questions, open-book, with a four-hour limit.

For your license in Garden City, there are a few things you need to submit with the application. For example:

  • Finished application, with a list of approved employees
  • $200.00 licensing fee
  • Certificate of Insurance, Garden City, must be listed as the certificate holder and be in the amount of at least $500,000 for general liability
  • Letter of Good Standing from the State of Kansas
  • Proof of passing the state contractor exam

Contractor Liability Insurance

One of the requirements that you need to get your contractor’s license is General Liability Insurance. General Liability Insurance protects you from being personally liable for any damages.

Construction Equipment in Garden City, Kansas

The equipment most commonly used in Garden City is aerial equipment. Aerial equipment is best for doing work high in the sky. The most common types of aerial equipment are boom lifts, scissor lifts, manlifts, and forklifts. BigRentz has a wide selection of this equipment and can help you with your other equipment rental needs as well.

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