Construction Equipment Rental in Kansas City, KS

About Construction Projects in Kansas City, KS

From fiber-optic cabling to heavy construction, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the paperwork needed and the relevant laws before undertaking all types of construction work in any location. Find out below what you need for building work in Kansas City, Kansas.

Building Permits

You must have a building permit for most construction work in Kansas City. New construction, demolition, electrical, and mechanical work all require a permit. You can call the Building Inspection Department at (913) 573-8620 to clarify if you need a permit.

The fee for a building permit depends on the value of the project, and the following fees apply per project value:

  • $0-$30,000: You must pay a $30 base fee and $0.75 for each $100 worth of work.
  • $30,0001-$1,000,000: You must pay a $255 base fee and $0.50 for each $100 worth of work.
  • Value > $1,000,000: You must pay a $5,105 base fee and $0.4 for each $100 worth of work.

Building Inspections

You must have any building work inspected after you finish the job. Inspections check for conformity to the building codes of Kansas City. You must book your inspection 24 hours in advance by dialing the Building Inspection Department. People can only occupy a building or structure after approval of the inspection.

If the building fails an inspection, you must pay a $100 reinspection fee. The reinspection fee increases with each extra inspection. The hours for inspections are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday. You must give your permit number when booking an inspection.

Contractor Licenses

Contractors need a business license to work in Kansas City, Kansas. Anyone wanting to do mechanical, electrical, or plumbing work needs to pass an exam. There must be one trade master present at your building job.

You also need to apply for master and employee cards. Masters must pay $60 for their cards while workers pay $20. Contractors also need to pay an occupational tax before starting building work in the city.

Contractor Insurance Requirements

There are few insurance rules for contractors in Kansas City, Kansas. The only rule you must follow is payment of a surety bond worth $5,000. The trade master cardholder must sign the surety bond. You can get a surety bond from the insurance company of your choice in Kansas City.

There is no rule about holding workers’ compensation or liability coverage in the city.

Construction Equipment Rental in Kansas City, Kansas

Renting the tools you need for building work is a good idea. When you rent, you avoid paying large sums of money for tools you might just use once. For a project needing a lot of aerial work, you can rent tools such as:

You might find that you use a boom lift sparsely, which makes renting a more attractive choice.

You need to file a lot of paperwork for building projects in Kansas City. Also, there are many laws that you must pay careful attention to. You can save a lot of stress by hiring a company to do your building work for you.

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