Construction Equipment Rental in Olathe, KS

About Construction Projects in Olathe, KS

Olathe, Kansas, is a small city with a population just over 100,000 people. The unemployment rate in Olathe is low. Future job growth over the next decade will be a bit higher than the U.S. overall. This makes Olathe a good place to open a small contracting business. To be competitive, you need to know about permits and licensing regulations in the city.

Getting Building Permits

Your permit is valid for 180 days after approval. If you need longer, getting an inspection adds another 180 days. Make a same-day inspection request between 8 am and 11:30 am. Request an inspection from 11:30 am to 4 pm to get an inspection on the next business day.

Olathe residents can apply for some permits. You usually only need the application and fees. Plan review only happens for commercial permits.

To get a commercial permit, you need:

  • A filled-out commercial permit application
  • Two sets of plans. These need an architect’s or engineer’s seal
  • One set of drawings, soil reports, and similar documents
  • The required fee based on your project’s square feet. Make the check out to the City of Olathe

A final residential inspection needs to happen before anyone can live in a structure. You need to call Public Works. The number is 913-971-9045.

Licenses and Liability Coverage for Contractors

In Johnson County, you need to be a licensed contractor. If you want to build in Olathe, choose between three kinds of licenses:

  • Class A for general contractors
  • Class B for building contractors
  • Class C for residential contractors

To get a contractor license in Johnson County, you need:

  • A filled-out application
  • The $100 application fee
  • The $225 licensing fee
  • Proof of liability coverage and workers compensation

You must also be a “qualifying individual” who meets test score and education standards.

You can find the Johnson County Administration Building at 111 S. Cherry in Olathe. The Planning and Codes office is in Room 1000. You can also reach the staff by phone at 913-715?2233.

Contractors in Johnson County need liability coverage. Your coverage needs to have completed operations coverage. General liability coverage has to be one million dollars per occurrence or more.

You have to meet the state’s standards for workers compensation, too.

Best Equipment to Use

Kansas has very fertile soil, known as Harney Silt Loam. The soil is usually level. Sometimes it slopes a little bit. Most construction equipment can handle silt loam. You need to remember that silt loam can have high water content. Make sure you use boom lifts and scissor lifts with stabilizers.

Driving forklifts and manlifts on silt loam could damage the soil layer. Use four-wheel-drive equipment to handle wet or dry silt loam. Rentals with all-terrain abilities are the best for Kansas soil.

Succeed as a contractor in Olathe with a few key things. Use your knowledge of the permit system. Keep your license and insurance up to date. Rent the tools you need from BigRentz. Choose a small city with good job growth and low unemployment for your Kansas contracting business.

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