Construction Equipment Rental in Louisville, KY

About Construction Projects in Louisville, KY

Construction is booming in Louisville, Kentucky. Employment in this industry grew by seven percent between 2016 and 2017. Homes are growing in square footage and value. Sale prices for new homes have risen steadily to over $200,000 in early 2017. If you’re building in Louisville, you need to plan carefully. Check zoning and code regulations and file the right paperwork early for your project to avoid fines and hassles.

Building Permits

Louisville, Kentucky, requires a building permit for nearly all construction and remodeling. You must have a permit to build, alter, repair, remove, or convert a structure. You also need a permit to install, replace, or change systems regulated by code. This includes electrical, gas, plumbing, and mechanical.

You can complete your permit application online or print a paper copy. Permit approval takes time, so allow for several weeks.

Building Inspections

Any project that needs a permit is subject to inspection which can occur at any time, so you must always display your permit on-site. You also need to schedule several specific inspections as you build. These typically include the:

  • Foundation inspection
  • Framing/Rough-in inspection
  • Final inspection

After the final inspection, you will get your Letter of Acceptance or Certificate of Occupancy.

You can request inspections online or by phone. It is your responsibility to do so at each phase of construction. An inspector will contact you to schedule an appointment after you submit your request.

Necessary Building Licenses

Kentucky does not issue state contractors licenses. Cities regulate contractors individually. All working contractors in Louisville must identify with Louisville Metro. If you do more than one project a year, you need a Type A license. This is $125. Contractors with a Type A license must complete six hours of continuing education a year. A Type B contractor’s license is just $50. This is for applicants doing just one project.

Liability Coverage

Contractors must have workers compensation insurance and commercial general liability insurance. You must submit proof of both to get a Louisville permit. Your commercial general liability policy must cover at least $250,000 per person or $500,000 total. You may want more coverage. Most businesses should aim for $500,000 to $1 million in liability coverage. This protects you and your business from major loss.

The Best Equipment for Use

Before you get your Louisville building permit, you must decide what vehicles you need for the job. Contractors need to identify and insure all construction vehicles before Louisville issues a permit. If you don’t own the right equipment, consider booking a rental.

Getting the right tools for the job is important. Don’t just make do with what you have. Upgrading to different equipment can make a big difference. A scissor lift may do for a smaller project, with its 40-foot reach. However, boom lifts can extend up to 100 feet. The right manlift will give you the reach and support you need. Forklifts should be sized right, too.

Make sure you have everything you need before you begin. This includes equipment, permits, insurance, and licenses. Preparing now saves you fines.

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