Construction Equipment Rental in Broussard, LA

About Construction Projects in Broussard, LA

The small town of Broussard is in the Lafayette Parish and has a population around 11,000 people. While this town is small, the area is promising with plenty of room for growth. One thing you should take note of before you start to build here is the guidelines and rules put out by the city and state. There are certain permits, inspections, licenses, and insurance you need to get before you break ground.

Building Permits

Permits are an important part of the building process for most cities and Broussard is no different. You must get your building permit before you start construction. You will need a permit for construction, alteration, repair, maintenance, and demolition of any new or existing structure. Apply for your permit online at on the City of Broussard website.

Building Inspections

Possibly the most import stage of the construction process is the inspection process. Inspections are done to ensure that every project in the city is up to code and meets a certain minimum standard. Different types of inspections can take place on a construction site. Some common inspections are electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and building inspections.

Contractor License

You have to get a license to perform contracting work in the state. There are a few different types of licenses in Louisiana such as:

  • Commercial License
  • Residential License
  • Mold Remediation License
  • Home Improvement Registration

Residential Licenses allow you to work on residential homes where the labor and material costs exceed $75,000. To get this residential license, you have to complete the Residential Application and pass the exams. There is a trade exam and a Business and Law exam. You also need to show a financial statement that proves a minimum of $10,000 net worth and have proof of general liability insurance. Once you are approved, your license will be issued by the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors.

After you get your license, you have to maintain it. The license is only valid for one year, so you have to renew it approximately 30 days before expiration. Some of the requirements for renewal include the continuing ownership of general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. You must also complete six hours of continuing education each year and maintain a current address with the board.

Construction Equipment in Broussard, Louisiana

Construction Equipment can be costly to purchase. A cheaper option is to rent your equipment simply. BigRentz offers a wide selection of equipment like scissor lifts, boom lifts, manlifts, forklifts, excavators, and dozers. Whatever your project is, BigRentz can help with all of your construction equipment rental needs.

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