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About Construction Projects in Lake Charles, LA

Home to McNeese State University and Sowela Technical Community College, Lake Charles is considered a regionally significant center of petrochemical refining, gaming, tourism, and education. Find out what insurance, permits, and licenses you will need to start working in the city.

Building Permits

If you are planning on building in Lake Charles, you will need a permit. To obtain a permit, you will need to visit The City of Lake Charles Permit Center which establishes rules and regulations for construction, alteration, repair, removal, relocation, demolition and the use and occupancy of buildings, structures or premises.

The first step is to present the necessary documents at the time of review with the review fee.

The documents needed for Residential Construction are slightly different from the Commercial Construction documents. The following are the required documents for Residential Construction:

  • Site Plan
  • Grading Plan
  • Dimensioned and Labeled Floor Plan
  • Door and Window Schedule
  • Foundation Plan
  • Detailed Drawings

For Commercial Construction, you need these documents:

  • Vicinity Plan
  • Legal Description of Property
  • Site Plan
  • Grading Plan
  • Floor & Structural Plans
  • Foundation Plan
  • Electrical Plans
  • Plumbing Plans
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Plans

The review process takes longer for Commercial Construction in Lake Charles, but you need to submit documents and get approved for both.

Building Inspections

In addition to obtaining a building permit, you need to schedule an inspection. Building inspections ensure the safety of the building and the project for the future occupants. This is also done through the Permit Center and requires 24-hour notice. Also, Inspection requests turned in after 3:30 p.m. will not be processed until the following business day.

Contractor License and Liability

To build in the City of Lake Charles, there are a few steps you have to complete. The first step is to provide a $7,500 Contractors Bond on the City of Lake Charles Bond form. After you provide the bond, you must provide a Certificate of General Liability Insurance with $100,000 minimum coverage and proof of registration for Sales Tax.

You will also need an Occupational License and a Louisiana Contractors License. The Louisiana Contractors License is required for commercial projects valued at $50,000 or more and residential projects valued at $75,000 or more. Also, home improvement projects valued between $7,500 to $74,999, and plumbing, electrical, and mechanical projects valued at $10,000 or more.

After you have your licenses, you need to register with the Lake Charles Permit Center and submit a completed application for plan review with the plan review fee. For residential projects, it is $25 and between $50 and 300$ for commercial projects.

Construction Equipment Rental in Lake Charles, Louisiana

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