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About Construction Projects in Shreveport, LA

Every city has its own list of rules and regulations that contractors must follow. Shreveport, Louisiana, is no exception.

No matter what size your construction project, you need the right papers. Get your permits, inspections, licenses, and insurance together before you start work.

Building Permits

The City of Shreveport has strict rules for construction jobs. These rules make sure that all projects follow codes. That way people and properties stay safe. After Hurricanes Rita and Katrina in 2005, the state passed new codes for building projects.

You need a permit for many types of home improvement tasks. Some of these jobs include constructing, repairing, or moving:

  • Boilers
  • HVAC systems
  • Plumbing systems
  • Sprinklers

Get building permits from the city’s Permits Center. Bring two sets of construction plans and specifications. The office keeps one set, and you can take the other set with you. Fees depend on the scope of your project. The city adds 25 percent to the permit fee for all new or remodeling commercial projects. If you start the job without a permit, you may face fines and pay double for the permit.

The city waives permit fees for work done to the Shreveport downtown and riverfront areas. However, these houses must have existed before 1960.

Building Inspections

Before you end your construction project, you must get a building inspection. Some projects need several inspections during construction.

You need an inspection after you form foundations, but before you pour concrete. You also need one when you finish framing, but before you install finish materials. In addition, you need one after you finish all the work. Schedule the last inspection within six months after you got your building permit.

Inspection fees cost $65. After your project passes all inspections, you can apply for a Certificate of Occupancy.

Contractor Licenses

Shreveport wants only trained contractors to work on construction projects done within city limits. That’s why all contractors must have licenses. Contractors need licenses if:

  • The commercial project costs more than $50,000
  • The residential project costs more than $7,500
  • The plumbing, HVAC, and electrical costs more than $10,000

The original license is valid for one year. You can renew for one, two, or three-year periods. Residential contractors need six hours of continuing education each year.

Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing workers also need to register with Shreveport. They must pay a fee to work in the city.

Contractor Liability Coverage

As with licenses, contractors also need insurance coverage. This is a state-wide rule. These policies cover property and contractors if there are accidents. You must have general liability coverage for $10,000. You also need workers’ compensation coverage.

Out-of-state contractors must post a 5 percent bond before they can get any permits. The smallest bond amount is $1,000.

Construction Equipment Rental in Shreveport, Louisiana

All contractors need the right gear to get the job done. You might need to rent aerial equipment, such as:

Don’t start a construction project in Shreveport without the right documents. This includes permits, insurance, inspections, and licenses. Get these papers right away. That way you don’t waste time wondering what files you forgot.

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