Construction Equipment Rental in Boston, MA

About Construction Projects in Boston, MA

The city of Boston, Massachusetts, is one of the most populous regions of the country. Due to its status as one of the ten largest regions, the city has many rules about building construction. Anyone who wants to build something new or renovate an existing property must follow these rules. Here’s a guide on building in Boston.

The Basics

The first thing to know about building in Boston is that most major projects will involve the use of lift equipment. Options include man lifts, forklifts, scissor lifts, and boom lifts. An amateur should never attempt to use any of them. They’re dangerous, and the most likely outcome is a fall. Only trained personnel should perform any task that involves a lift.

If you need any lifts for a construction project, you should consider renting rather than buying. You’ll save money by not purchasing the equipment you wouldn’t use on any regular basis, and you won’t have to store a large piece of equipment when you don’t even know when you’ll need to use it again.

As a popular city, Boston has one of the best government websites in the country. You can find a lot of information there about licenses and permits. You can see the fee schedule for all the various forms, permits, and licenses you’ll need for your build. You’ll also know what the city requires before you can break ground on your construction project.

Licenses and Permits

When starting a project, you’ll need a building permit. The city breaks these permits into two categories. Minor projects will need a short-form permit. Major projects will require a long-form permit.

You can complete applications for both of these permits online or in person. The Inspectional Services Division handles these requests. The building is at 1010 Massachusetts Ave., and the agency is on the fifth floor. You can call their office at 617-635-5300. The website also has tips on what you’ll need to build.

The city of Boston demands permits for some home remodeling projects and all commercial building work. Different permits are also needed for plumbing and electrical work. Boston has a lot of specific permits compared to the average city.

Insurance Needs

Since falls are a risk when using lifts, you’ll need liability coverage. Many insurers offer special lift insurance plans. You’ll pay a bit more on your premiums. In exchange, you’ll get protection in case a worker suffers a fall.

Your employee will get medical treatment and worker’s comp. The insurer will pay for this instead of you. The city of Boston expects builders to have this sort of insurance and bonding. It’s proof that you take your duties seriously as a builder. Plus, it makes employees feel better about working for you.

Boston is the home of many builds, old and new. The city has a great system in place to help builders start projects quickly and easily. Simply follow the rules, file the permits, and get the right insurance. You’re almost ready to start.

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