Construction Equipment Rental in Ann Arbor, MI

About Construction Projects in Ann Arbor, MI

As one of Michigan’s most populated cities, Ann Arbor offers many opportunities for businesses. Learn more about the city’s building rules before starting your Ann Arbor construction project.

Building Permits

The City of Ann Arbor Construction and Building Department issues maintains and tracks the city’s building permits. You’ll need a permit before starting new construction or altering or demolishing any building in Ann Arbor. This city department also inspects building projects to make sure they meet state building codes.

You can download a commercial building permit form from the City of Ann Arbor website. Submit this form with at least two copies of drawings of your proposed work. Each copy should be signed and sealed by a licensed designer. If you have several drawings, number, and staple each page of the set. Your drawings should also be scaled to at least 1/8 inch.

Payment for your permit will be processed once it’s approved. Include your payment information to prevent delays.

There are additional requirements for site-planned projects. Contact the city’s Planning Division at 734-794-6265 or email [email protected] to learn more.

Liability Coverage

Credible Builders in Ann Arbor all have liability coverage. You should at least hold general liability coverage. This insurance protects builders against common accidents that may happen on the job. If you are found liable, the insurer will pay any resulting charges.

Many builders also hold course of construction (COC) insurance. Also called builder’s risk insurance, this type of policy protects a building under construction. Many plans also cover temporary structures, like scaffolding and construction equipment. Ann Arbor lenders won’t finance construction projects that aren’t covered by COC insurance.

You should know how long your COC policy lasts because coverage can vary. Some policies offer protection during construction only and don’t cover finishing jobs, like a painting. Other policies protect projects until they’re open for business. Some insurance companies let you extend your policy if you’re concerned about the standard coverage length.

Building Licenses

Commercial builders in Michigan don’t need a state building license. However, this license is required for obtaining a contractor license from the City of Ann Arbor. Builders need this license to work within the city.

Builders should complete the contractor license form available from the City of Ann Arbor website. They should submit this form with:

  • A copy of their current Michigan contractor’s license
  • A copy of their driver’s license
  • A letter of authorization if the applicant isn’t the license holder or owner of the building company

Complete applications may be mailed to the City of Ann Arbor Planning & Development Services – Construction Services or submitted in person at Larcom City Hall.

Once you’ve gotten all of your permits and licenses together, you need to make sure you rent your aerial equipment from a reputable company. Your boom lifts, man lifts, scissor lifts, and forklifts need to be ready to go when the job starts.

Make sure that you know the ins and outs of the city’s building laws to make your Michigan construction project a success.

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