Construction Equipment Rental in St. Louis, MO

About Construction Projects in St Louis, MO

You should build in St. Louis, Missouri. The city has 311,404 official residents. More importantly, the metropolitan area includes more than 2.9 million people. If you want to build here, you need to know the construction codes and laws. Here’s a guide to building in St. Louis.


The Building Division is the government agency in charge of building permits. You’ll need a permit for most construction. A few projects don’t need a permit, though. You can check the list of exceptions on the government website.

The city divides construction into two categories. You’re likely to deal in commercial construction. The other option is residential construction. Your permit will state which one you have. Even if you’re remodeling for a homeowner, you’ll need one of these two permits.

St. Louis notes that it gives permits on the same date as the application 70 percent of the time. This means you shouldn’t have to wait long for a permit.

You must apply in person to get a permit. The Building Division resides at Room 425 of City Hall, at 1200 Market Street. You can call the office at 314-622-3332.

Licenses and Inspections

The person in charge of the build will need a contractor’s license. You don’t want to pay one of your workers to train for a St. Louis license. That’s a waste of money.

The best strategy is to hire a local contractor instead. This person will already have a license to work in the area. The local contractor may even have helpful contacts in the Building Division.

Rental Equipment in St. Louis, Missouri

Any significant project will need heavy machinery. Items like forklifts, boom lifts, manlifts, and scissor lifts make a job easier.

This equipment will lift and move heavy objects. It will also raise workers to the needed heights when they work above the ground floor.

Heavy machinery isn’t cheap. You have to pay the transportation costs. You also must pay to store the equipment when you’re not using it. The best strategy to save money is to rent equipment instead.


You must get liability insurance to work in St. Louis. Insurers suggest at least $500,000 in coverage, but larger builds should have at least $1 million.

A bond isn’t a legal requirement in St. Louis. Many businesses report issues when they don’t get a bond, though.

Good insurance coverage will protect your business, your workers, and your neighbors. The most frequent accidents on job sites are falls and property damage. Most insurance plans will cover damage to unowned property.

When a worker falls, your insurance should cover the person’s medical bills. It also should pay for missed salary. Finally, it should include workers’ comp for future missed work.

Many plans don’t offer this coverage automatically. You must ask for it. This sort of builder’s insurance will cost a bit more on each premium. Your workers will feel more confident in knowing that you have it, though.

St. Louis has a vast population. You will have plenty of customers available if you build here. You just need to follow the rules and suggestions listed here to have a great build.

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