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About Construction Projects in Billings, MT

With a population of more than 166,000 and a trade area of roughly 500,000, the city of Billings, Montana is a growth area. Builders planning to break ground on new projects in Billings will face several unique challenges. Here’s a guide on how to follow building laws in Billings.

OSHA Rules

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) handles many laws involving heavy machinery. Aerial equipment, in particular, has strict rules about usage. A business can use man lifts as long as they follow 1910.68(a). This rule makes workers keep hand grips on their belts. It also has rules about the speed and height of the man lift.

OSHA adds these rules to protect users. Some DIYers think that they can use heavy machinery without any training, permits, or licenses. That’s not the case, and OSHA laws spell out the ways that a person risks personal injury by trying. Even workers with lots of training and experience must follow these rules.

Permits and Licenses

The state of Montana and city of Billings both have rules about business construction. A company must get a building permit before breaking ground on a new project. Also, any work performed on private property has the same rule, so projects on a home also need a building permit.

What’s a project in the eyes of the government? Examples include roofing, siding, decks, fences, and parking lots. The business must pay a fee for the project. The cost of the permit depends on the worth of the project. A more expensive one has a larger fee. For large commercial projects, a bidding process decides the total fees. For others, the square footage is what defines the cost.

Once your project is ready, you’ll need an inspection. You’ll have to pay a fee for this, but you need it to finish the project.

Anyone that has additional questions about permit requirements should contact the Building Division. This agency makes all the major decisions about building in Billings. They review plans, issue permits, and handle inspections.

You can call them at (406) 657-8270 or visit the office on weekdays from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Their address is 2825 3rd Avenue North. The Building Division is on the fourth floor. Some permit applications are also available online.

Liability Insurance

A business needs liability insurance. That’s especially true when using lifts. The most likely injury that happens on lifts is a fall. From great heights, an injury is likely. The business is responsible for the worker’s injury. Insurance will cover the medical bills, worker’s comp, and other fees.

Many insurers have special coverage for lift users. They’ll add clauses for boom lifts, scissor lifts, man lifts, and forklifts. You will pay more for this coverage, but it’s worth the extra cost. Lift coverage protects the company and the worker from disaster.

Billings construction is more popular than ever. To build something here, you just need to understand local, state, and federal rules. Then, get the right permits and licenses, pay the fees, and buy insurance to protect your business interests.

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