Equipment Rental in North Las Vegas, NV

About Construction Projects in North Las Vegas, NV

North Las Vegas, Nevada is an exciting and fast-growing city. Contractors working in the area need to follow the rules. These rules protect property owners. They also prevent unsafe buildings from being built.

Building Permits

Building permits come from the City of North Las Vegas Building Safety Division. This department also looks at building plans. When they look at plans, they make sure your plan follows building codes for safety. Only licensed contractors can get commercial building permits. Licensed contractors need a state license and a county business license. Building owners can apply for permits, but the process of getting one is tough. It’s best to leave this in the hands of a contractor.

Most additions to properties need permits. You always need a permit to build a new building. When you apply for a permit, you need:

  • Your original contractor license
  • A pre-printed company check for the fee
    • If you don’t have a company check, you need an official letter. The letter must include:
      • Project address
      • Name of employee who can sign a check
      • Check number
      • Property owner’s name
      • Permit number (if you have one)

If your permit expires, you need to fill out a new application. Mark the “renewal of permit” box in the work state section.

Building Inspections

After you turn in a permit application, you will need a building inspection. Inspectors work for the City of North Las Vegas Building Division. They look at main systems for safety and building codes. These systems are electrical, gas, fire safety, and mechanical. Make sure all systems are easy to see when you have the inspection. You can schedule an inspection online. The website has a way to track your inspection request.

Contractor Licenses

Contractors need licenses to work in North Las Vegas. General contractors can get a Class B general building license. When you apply for the license, you need:

  • A state business license
  • Application and exam fees
  • Proof of insurance
  • Financial statements
  • Proof of at least four years of experience

You also have to pass the state exam to get a license. The license lasts for two years and needs to be renewed every two years.

Contractor Liability Coverage

Every contractor needs to have insurance. This protects the business and workers on the job site. Insurance limits depend on the license class that you hold. You also need workers’ compensation insurance. Contractors need a license bond to get a license. The value is between $1,000 and $500,000.

Construction Equipment Rental in North Las Vegas, Nevada

After you have the permits you need, you can start building in North Las Vegas. If you need equipment, check out construction equipment rental options. Renting equipment can save your company a lot of money. This is especially true of large aerial equipment. You can use these items to build taller buildings. They include forklifts, boom lifts, manlifts, and scissor lifts.

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