Construction Equipment Rental in Reno, NV

About Construction Projects in Reno, NV

If you are planning to work on any building projects in Reno, you need to know which projects need a building permit in the city. Furthermore, you need to know what insurance laws apply in Reno and how to get the tools for your job. Find out all the important information below.

Building Permits

Many types of building projects in Reno need a permit before you can start working on them. Some specific examples of projects in Reno that need a permit are:

  • Constructing swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs
  • Building fences of 30 inches above grade
  • All types of re-roofing work
  • Building an accessory structure such as a storage shed

If you are unclear about whether you need a permit for projects you plan to contract for, it’s a good idea to clarify before starting. You can call 775-334-2063 to check if you need a permit. The fee you pay for a building permit depends on the value of the project. At the lower end, you pay a permit fee of $18.43 for projects worth $500 or less. Building projects worth $100,000 have a permit fee of $781.11 at the higher end.

Building Inspections

Building inspections play an important role in working as a contractor for building jobs in Reno. During an inspection, a qualified inspector check for compliance with the city’s building codes. The inspector also checks that the building is safe for occupants. Contractors can schedule an inspection either online or via an automated response line at 775-334-2396. You need to book by midnight the night before if you want an inspection on the next business day.

Contractor License Requirements

All businesses or individuals who construct or alter structures in Reno must get a license from the Nevada State Contractors Board. To get a contractor license in Reno, you need to have at least four years of experience working on building projects. The application fee alone for a contractor’s license is $300. Also, you have to pay a biennial license fee of $600, making getting a license costly in Reno. You also need to pay a surety bond, the cost of which depends on the type of license you get.

Insurance Laws for Contractors

To work as a contractor legally in Reno, you must have workers’ compensation insurance. There is no specific law stating you need to have general liability coverage when working as a contractor in Reno, but it is always a good idea to get this insurance. A good rule of thumb is to get liability insurance valuing at least $500,000.

Construction Equipment Rental in Reno, Nevada

In addition to following the laws, you need to get the right tools for building work in Reno. Renting is a useful way to get what gear you need because it’s cheaper. For projects with plenty of aerial work, you can rent forklifts, boom lifts, scissor lifts, and man lifts and return them when you finish.

Follow the above regulations when working as a contractor in Reno, and you can limit a lot of potential hassle.

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