Construction Equipment Rental in Newark, NJ

About Construction Projects in Newark, NJ

Newark, New Jersey has almost 300,000 residents. They need building and remodeling services. If you want to work there, be sure to meet the requirements. Your building or home improvement company must get licenses and permits before working in Newark.

Building Permits

Most Newark construction projects require permits. Changing electrical, plumbing, and mechanics of a building needs permits. New building projects also need review before starting. If you have questions about how to get your permit started, call the Office of Central Licenses and Permits at 973-733-6390.

Changing your house needs a permit. Building a garage, adding a deck, or putting up a fence require permits. It’s the same if you want to build a shed. Newark uses its Uniform Construction Code to decide what you can build. You need to apply for your permit if you do the following:

  • Replace interior or exterior trim
  • Replace doors and windows
  • Change building supports
  • Take out a wall
  • Change an entry

You might be able to save time getting your next permit. The City of Newark allows builders to apply for permits online, which will save you time. If your improvements don’t make your house physically bigger, you can use the website to apply. You will get emails from the city containing information about your project.

After you fill out an application, wait for approval. Once you have it, the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) office looks at your request.

When your application comes before UCC, you are to give two copies of your drawings to the Office of Central Licenses and Permits. The address is Room B-13 City Hall, 920 Broad St. Copies of state licenses are also required for engineers, architects, and others you hire to work on the project. If you are only painting or doing repairs, you may not need to get a permit.

State Licensing and Liability Coverage

New home builders must register with the state of New Jersey. Registered contractors must carry a $500,000 insurance policy. Home improvement contractors, plumbers, electricians, and some other workers also need licenses to work there. Before you ask for a Newark building permit, make sure your team is ready to go.

Two licenses are available for home improvement professionals. You must get a New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor’s License or a Home Repair Contractor’s License. Getting a license may require a bond and liability insurance. Licensed electrical contractors, for example, must post a $1,000 bond and carry at least $300,000 worth of property damage and bodily injury insurance.

Best Equipment to Use

Newark sits on level land. This means that the soil does not always drain well. Manlifts, boom lifts, and scissor lifts will all work well here with such flat terrain. It is a normal eastern city that sometimes gets bad weather. You should keep an eye on wet pavement, so forklifts don’t slip. A little planning goes a long way.

Getting the right licenses and permits will keep your Newark projects on schedule. This way, your next building project will go off without a hitch.

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