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About Construction Projects in Albuquerque, NM

Are you a contractor in Albuquerque, New Mexico? Whether you’re working on home improvement or building something new, permits matter. Always get the right zoning and permits before starting a project.

Building Permits

Here are some examples of work that require a permit in Albuquerque:

  • Installing a swimming pool
  • Putting up higher fences
  • Putting in a retaining wall
  • Raising walls or fences
  • Moving buildings
  • Putting in a patio cover
  • Adding a porch on to your home
  • Tearing down a building
  • Installing an elevator
  • Putting up a sign
  • Changing the plumbing

For many of these jobs, you’ll need some aerial equipment. From boom lifts and forklifts to man lifts and scissor lifts, be sure you trust who you get your equipment from.

Before you get your building permit, you need zoning approval. When you have zoning approval, your permit application needs two sets of plans.

You don’t need a permit for some kinds of building work in Albuquerque. Check the list of jobs that don’t need permits. If you do not see your job, you should assume that you need a permit. You don’t need a permit for:

  • Small sheds or playhouses. They need to be less than 200 square feet
  • Fences shorter than 6 feet tall
  • Retaining walls shorter than 4 feet tall
  • Water tanks that hold less than 5,000 gallons. The tank’s height also can’t be more than two times its diameter
  • A sidewalk or a driveway. It can’t go over a basement. It also can’t be higher than 30 inches above grade
  • Interior work, like painting, adding tiles, putting in countertop, or putting in cabinets
  • Swimming pools that are less than two feet deep
  • Window awnings on outside walls. The awnings can’t stick out more than 54 inches. You can’t use extra support for them
  • A deck that isn’t attached to a house. It can’t be more than 30 feet above grade. It also needs to be smaller than 200 square feet

New Mexico Licensing

Contractors working in Albuquerque need to be licensed by the State of New Mexico. You can’t work as a contractor on construction jobs without a license. Note that a license for another state doesn’t work in New Mexico. Work that needs a license includes:

  • General construction
  • Building construction
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical
  • LP Gas

You can also get a license for installing pre-made houses. Of course, this license is more limited. It does allow you to:

  • Connect sewer lines
  • Connect water
  • Put in the foundation
  • Block and level the house

Liability Coverage and Insurance

Contractors have to use a few kinds of insurance. These insurance levels protect their business, their workers, and the job they’ve been hired for. Good kinds of insurance for a contractor to have included:

  • General liability insurance
  • Workers’ comp
  • General contractors insurance
  • Builders risk insurance

Contractors should get insurance before taking or doing any jobs. Worker and job safety depend on it.

Always apply for zoning and permits before starting a project. When you have your documents from the city, you are ready to start your building job.

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