Construction Equipment Rental in Las Cruces, NM

About Construction Projects in Las Cruces, NM

Las Cruces is the second largest city in New Mexico. If you know your regulations for building, you set yourself up for success in your next job.

Construction Permits

Some small projects don’t require a permit. However, most work requires a plumbing, electrical, or building permit. This work can include:

  • Altering
  • Constructing
  • Demolishing
  • Enlarging
  • Erecting
  • Installing
  • Repairing

Anytime someone is paid in Las Cruces for contracting services, the work requires a permit. A contractor with the proper license must do any HVAC work, too.

A homeowner can do electrical or plumbing work if they pass the city’s written test. However, homeowners should strongly consider hiring licensed contractors to do these jobs. Contractors understand the regulations for building work in Las Cruces. Contractors can also rent the proper aerial equipment. They will know which boom lifts, scissor lifts, manlifts, and forklifts they need to get the job done in the most efficient way possible.

How to Get a Permit

The city can issue some residential permits while you wait. The office is at 700 North Main, Las Cruces, NM 88001. You can reach the office by phone at 575-541-2000.

You can ask for a complete review of the residential project. If you’re doing a commercial project, a complete review is required. The permit cost will depend on the value of the work.

You need a site plan when you apply for the permit. The plan must show the work being done. It should also show the property lines. The distance between property lines and proposed construction is essential to the plan.

There are other regulations if construction involves a wall higher than two feet. The contractor must hold the proper license and request the permit themselves. The city will also need permission in writing from the other property owner if the wall will stand on a property line.

Construction and Inspection

If you’re building in Las Cruces, you must meet inspection regulations. The city’s Consolidated Review Center helps you make sure your construction permits meet any state and federal codes. You can speak with a Permit Technician for information about particular construction topics. The Review Center’s phone number is 575-528-3059.

Submit construction drawings and documents to the Community Development permitting staff. When you receive approval, you’ll get the permit and can then begin construction.

You need to have inspections while doing construction. This makes sure you follow approved plans and construction regulations.

You must ask for an inspection for a work phase at least one workday before you need the inspection. You must have all the following information to make your request:

  • Construction site address
  • Contractor’s name
  • Contractor’s phone number
  • Permit number
  • Type of inspection

Liability Insurance

Businesses operating in New Mexico aren’t required to have commercial liability insurance. The state is a pure comparative negligence fault state. An insurance adjuster will review which party is at fault.

If you employ three or more people, New Mexico requires you to have workers compensation insurance. In licensed construction trades, you only need to have one employee before you are required to have coverage.

Contractors in Las Cruces who understand permitting regulations set themselves up for success.

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