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About Construction Projects in High Point, NC

Before you begin a construction project, make sure you have the right licenses, permits, and insurance liability policies. Every state, county, and city are different, so plan to make sure you don’t overlook anything. If you want to build a home in High Point, North Carolina, you’ll need to get a building permit, pass the state licensing exam, and have liability insurance coverage before the hammer hits the first nail.

First, Get a Building Permit

To get a building permit, you need a file of the land sale and record of the deed. You also need an established address. Double-check zoning restrictions to make sure the type of structure you’re building is legal for that area. Next, send in both structural plans and a building permit request to the Development Services Center in High Point. The permit details the inspections needed and lists all contractors working on the project.

Check the most recent version of the North Carolina Residential Code to make sure your building plans follow all current requirements. The size and type of the project determine the building permit fees. You must pay in full before you can receive a permit.

Liability Insurance Requirements

A contractor must have different forms of insurance. This includes workers’ compensation insurance, general liability insurance, property insurance, equipment insurance, surety bonding, and employment practices liability insurance (EPLI). North Carolina EPLI coverage protects contractors from employee lawsuits. It also makes up the largest group of insurance claims today.

Whether you have your equipment or decide to rent, a heavy equipment insurance policy is the cost-effective way to go. Many contractors rent heavy equipment, including boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts, and manlifts, from dealerships like BigRentz. Even so, you still need proof of an insurance policy. Otherwise, the dealer will ask you to sign a damage waiver. This is a riskier process because any repairs are out-of-pocket expenses.

Getting a License to Build

You need a state contractor license to work on a construction project valued at $30,000 or above. The State Licensing Board will file the application for a license examination request at least 30 days before holding a scheduled or special board meeting.

The general contractor license covers all building construction activity. This includes, but isn’t limited to, commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential. Based on the value of the project, you’ll receive one of three types of licenses. Only South Carolina and Tennessee licenses are reciprocal. The two-hour, open-book test costs $70, and you must score 70 percent or higher to pass.

Before starting any construction project in High Point, check with the building site to see what permits and licenses you need. You’ll also want to review the proper building codes. Keep in mind that regulations vary depending on the city and state. Only some areas require contractor licenses, but all locations require building permits and liability insurance coverage. You’ll save yourself time and money by knowing the regulations for your building site and securing all necessary documentation before the project start date.

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