Construction Equipment Rental in Eugene, OR

About Construction Projects in Eugene, OR

Eugene, Oregon, sits within the central part of the state. It’s home to the University of Oregon and is the second-most populous city in Oregon. Contractors working in Eugene have to follow the rules for construction. These rules include getting permits and approval for all big projects. You might also need a permit for a major renovation.

Building Permits

You need a permit when you are working on any of these house projects:

  • Remodels, additions, and alterations
  • New home
  • New duplex or secondary housing unit
  • Adding a garage, carport, or shop
  • Converting a garage to a living space
  • Building a retaining wall or deck

Small storage sheds and play equipment don’t need permits. Contractors do need permits for similar projects at office buildings and other commercial buildings. Before you apply for a permit, you need to take a few steps first. Look at zoning maps to see if the land is approved for the type of property you plan to build. Zoning rules include height limits, land limits, and limits on how the building will be used.

Contractors should also look at the latest building codes before applying for permits. Green building practices are standard in Eugene. Contractors have to follow environmental rules to protect the area when building.

When turning in a permit application, you need to give two copies of the plans and the fees. The city of Eugene has an online permit system for faster service.

Building Inspections

After you turn in your application, the city employees will look at your plans. If the project needs review, you will have a project coordinator. You have to make sure that your plan meets rules set by the city of Eugene and the state of Oregon. The inspector will compare these rules to your plans. Contractors have to follow the rules around land use, fire safety, erosion, building codes, and public works.

After you get a permit, you have 360 days to start working. If you don’t start in that time, your permit will be inactive. When you sign up for an inspection, the permit is good for another 360 days. The inspector will look at all major systems. These include gas, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical. If everything is in good condition, you should pass the inspection.

Contractor Licenses

The state of Oregon gives licenses to contractors. Those licenses come through the Oregon Construction Contractors Board. You can get a license as a residential or commercial contractor, or both. Before you get a license, you need to show proof of insurance and pass the test.

Contractor Liability Coverage

Contractors working on houses in Eugene have to show proof of liability coverage of at least $500,000 per occurrence. Commercial contractors are split into two levels. Level one contractors need $2,000,000 in coverage. Level two contractors need $1,000,000 in coverage.

Construction Rental Equipment in Eugene, Oregon

If you need to rent aerial equipment for your job, you can find companies in Eugene that offer rentals. Items include boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts, and manlifts.

Make sure you and your company are successful by getting all the necessary licenses, permits, and insurance coverage before you start a new building project. Knowing which resources and equipment are available will help you finish on time and at a lower cost.

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