Construction Equipment Rental in Gresham, OR

About Construction Projects in Gresham, OR

Thinking of starting a building project in Gresham, Oregon? Get familiar with the laws that apply to building projects in the city before you begin.

Building Permits

You need a permit before starting many building jobs in Gresham. If you want to carry out the following work on a building, make sure you get a permit first:

  • Construct a new building
  • Repair an existing building
  • Alter or move a building

Also, you must get a permit for work on electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing systems. Permit fees depend on the value of the work performed.

Building Inspections

A certified inspector needs to check that the work performed follows building codes. The inspector will also perform a safety check on the site. You can schedule an inspection for your site online: If you book before 6:30 a.m., an inspector visits your site the same day. In other cases, the inspection will take place on the next business day. In Gresham, the fee for an inspection is $225, and reinspections cost $94 per inspection.

Contractor Licenses

Anyone who earns money from building work in Oregon needs a license. Becoming a licensed contractor is a lengthy process. You need to complete pre-license training and pass an examination. After the test, you submit a surety bond and file for your business name. You also need to show you have insurance coverage. Additionally, you need to pay a $325 fee to complete the application for a two-year license.

Since getting a contractor license involves time and money, hire a contractor who already has the license and experience you need.

Contractor Liability Coverage

Liability insurance compensates for damage to property or personal injury caused by a contractor. Contractors in Oregon have a legal duty to hold liability coverage. The value of the required liability coverage for contractors is $500,000 per occurrence. You need to submit a Certificate of Insurance when you apply for a contractor license.

Contractors who employ people also need workers’ compensation insurance. You need workers’ compensation insurance to protect workers who may have accidents on the job.┬áNever start building work in Gresham without the insurance you need.

Construction Equipment Rental in Gresham, Oregon

Building work is much easier when you have the right tools for the job. Renting equipment is a good choice because you get to choose only the tools that you need for each project. Some projects might require a lot of work in high places, for example. If you need aerial lift equipment for your project, you can rent forklifts, manlifts, boom lifts, and scissor lifts. A significant advantage to renting is that you don’t need to find a place to store the equipment when you’re done using it.

Gresham has strict laws for building projects. The city enforces these laws to protect building standards, making sure all work is safe and high quality. Contact an expert contracting company that has all the experience and licenses needed for your project.

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