Construction Equipment Rental in Casper, WY

About Construction Projects in Casper, WY

Casper was named the highest ranked family-friendly small city in the west and is Wyoming’s second largest city. To work on construction in the city, you’ll have to obtain the proper permits and licenses. Here is what you’ll need to know about construction in Casper.

Building Permits

If you want to build in Casper, you need to get a building permit. You need one before constructing a new building or adding to an existing building. Before you can get a permit, you need to submit building and site construction drawings along with design calculations. Once the documents are approved, a permit will be issued for a specified amount of time. If you are a licensed contractor, homeowner, or a commercial lessee, you can get a permit, and the fees are based on the value of the work.  Other permit fees such as electrical, plumbing, or mechanical work are based on the size and the number of items being installed.

You will need a building permit for most projects, but the following are exempt:

  • Fences under 6 feet
  • Retaining walls under 4 feet
  • Platforms, walkways, and driveways
  • Painting and finish work

Some projects do not require a building permit but may have other requirements. Contact Community Development before starting a project to ensure you meet all the requirements.

Building Inspections

In addition to getting a building permit, you need to have your project inspected. You need an inspection for a rough frame, rebar, under-floor or concrete slab, footing and foundation, insulation, drywall, and the final certificate of occupancy. You will also need an electrical inspection for any temporary power poles, rough electrical, services, and final inspection. Mechanical and plumbing work need inspections too. Outside water and sewer, below the slab, and gas testing need plumbing inspections, and you need a final inspection for mechanical and plumbing.

Contractor Licenses

In addition to getting the proper permits and inspections, to be a contractor in the City of Casper, you will need a license. There are three different classes of general contractor licenses.

Class 1: You can construct and repair any size and type of structure. The test is in the International Building Code, and the fee for a new license is $300.00.

Class 2: You can construct and repair residences up to eight-unit residential buildings and work on commercial remodeling up to 35% of the value of the structure. The test is in the International Building Code, and the fee for a new license is $150.00 and renewal is $75.00.

Class 3: A class 3 license allows you to repair or remodel single-family residences up to 25% of the assessed value. The fee is $150.00 and renewal is $75.

Contractor Liability Coverage

Before you can become a licensed contractor, you need to have proof of insurance. The minimum requirement for public liability and property damage insurance is $100,000.

Construction Equipment Rental in Casper, Wyoming

In many cases, contractors will need to rent equipment to finish the job. You might need aerial equipment such as Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts, and Manlifts are commonly used to reach high places. BigRentz has options for all your construction equipment rental needs.

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