The Psychological Benefits of Green Buildings

Buildings are important spaces in our lives. They are places where we work, learn, live, and rest and they affect our health and well-being. However, buildings also have a direct impact on our environment. According to the EIA, buildings consume almost 40% of the total U.S. energy consumption and generate 30% of greenhouse gas emissions.

To combat the enormous drain on our resources, buildings are being designed to be more sustainable, eco-friendly and smarter. Commonly known as “green buildings”, these structures follow resource-efficient models of construction and include features such as sustainable materials, renewable resources, green roof systems, improved acoustics, clean indoor quality, and biophilic spaces. This brings many environmental and economic benefits to our environment, like 25% less energy usage and a 20% drop in maintenance costs.

However, green buildings have human benefits as well, including people’s well-being, satisfaction, engagement, and productivity. Sustainable features lead to buildings that are healthier, cleaner, and greener — they do good not only for the planet, but also for the people.

To show the impact green buildings can have on human beings, we created an infographic that highlights the psychological benefits of green buildings.

Infographic describing 15 science-backed psychological benefits of green buildings.

Research shows that green structures play a role in boosting our indoor environments and creating higher satisfaction, enhanced well-being, and increased productivity for people. These psychological benefits improve our livelihoods, leading to happier and more profitable businesses on top of environmental action.

As the costs for sustainable building materials and products continue to drop, green building will continue to a hot construction trend in 2019. It will not only be cost-effective for construction but also be the best solution for solving our environmental and health issues.

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