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About Industrial Forklift

An industrial forklift, also called a large capacity forklift, easily lift and move heavy goods from one place to another. Learn how this type of industrial truck can help benefit your business.

Industrial Forklift Basics

Dating back to the early 20th century, forklifts are a proven way to lift and move heavy items. However, modern industrial forklifts are much more high-tech than the early models.

The basic design remains the same, though; an industrial forklift features a lift truck with fork-like prongs at the front. These prongs, which give forklifts their names, slide under a load and elevate it for easy transport to a new spot.

Industrial forklifts come in a range of sizes. They vary from small, pedestrian-operated forklifts to much larger, driver-operated trucks. The load capacities of warehouse forklifts typically range from 1 to 5 tons. Larger machines can lift up to 50 tons, so they’re ideal for moving loaded shipping containers.

Various forklift attachments can make your industrial truck even more useful, such as:

  • Man baskets for lifting people
  • Cage attachments for carrying items that can fall off forks
  • Snowplow attachments for clearing snow

Best Jobs for Industrial Forklifts

Industrial forklifts have a wide range of workplace applications. They are best for the following jobs:

  • Transporting heavy materials on construction sites, in manufacturing facilities, and in port and rail terminals
  • Transporting goods to sorting bays for recycling
  • Loading and unloading goods to and from trucks and ships on construction sites, warehouses, dockyards, and more
  • Stacking pallets in warehouses
  • Stacking shelves, especially high shelving

When working indoors, such as inside a warehouse or factory, consider an electric forklift. An electric forklift is very quiet. It also doesn’t emit noxious fumes. These qualities make it perfect for indoor applications.

Advantages of Industrial Forklifts

Industrial forklifts can easily move across rough terrain. This helps them transport goods to places other vehicles can’t access. This benefit suits construction work, when the ground isn’t always developed.

Industrial forklifts come in a range of sizes. This helps small models fit into places some other trucks can’t. It is also ideal for lifting and moving goods in narrow spaces, like warehouse aisles. They’re also easy to maneuver. This is a real plus for when working in tight spaces.

Using an industrial forklift can also make a worksite safer. Without a forklift, workers may try to lift and move goods that are too heavy for them. Also, other lifting mechanisms like ropes and pulleys can be unsafe. With an industrial forklift, your employees can safely move heavy items more efficiently. Understanding the forklift’s stability triangle makes operation safer, too. Workers learn correct load positioning and the capacity to stay within the stability triangle.  Overall, industrial forklifts are easy to use. The controls you find inside the lift truck are intuitive and simple for most workers to understand.

To avoid high upfront costs and ongoing maintenance fees, consider renting an industrial forklift. With short and long-term rentals available, renting an industrial forklift can be a more cost-effective choice for businesses across a range of industries.

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