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About Rough Terrain Forklift

A rough terrain forklift also called straight mast forklift or all-terrain forklift, got its start in the mid-1940s to help lift heavy loads around construction sites and farms. Today these strong and sturdy pieces of equipment are a must-have when you need help lifting large loads on uneven surfaces. Discover more about rough terrain forklifts and see if this capable piece of equipment is right for your job site.

A Background on Forklifts

Forklifts are mobile machines that use two prongs, also known as forks, to lift and place heavy and large loads into positions that you otherwise can’t reach. They typically fall into two categories: industrial and rough terrain. While industrial forklifts are usually used in warehouses and on loading docks, rough terrain forklifts are ideal for riding on bumpy, unpaved surfaces like you would find on construction sites.

Types of Available Rough Terrain Forklifts

Rough terrain forklifts come in a variety of sizes to meet almost every need. This forklift truck has large, air-filled tires that have a deep tread to help it power through tough outdoor conditions. Most rough terrain forklifts operate with an internal combustion engine that runs on diesel, gasoline, or propane. Additionally, while most have a vertical tower that lifts loads straight up, some will have a telescoping boom that lifts loads up and out.

This type of lift truck has a low-profile design, which means it can easily pass through openings that are as low as 8 feet. However, they also come with plenty of power. The largest of these lift trucks can carry up to 10,000 pounds and can use a telescoping boom that reaches forward around 25 feet and stretches vertically about 40 feet.

Finally, rough terrain forklifts are available with two-wheel steering, four-wheel steering, and four-wheel crab steering, which is when all the wheels turn in the same direction and at the same angle.

Best Jobs for Rough Terrain Forklifts

Any job site where the majority of the work area isn’t paved is ideal for these off road forklift trucks. This can include:

  • Lumber yards
  • Brickyards
  • Construction sites
  • Quarries
  • Other outdoor areas

They can handle anything from lifting pallets of concrete blocks to raising stacks of plywood. You can even get special bucket attachments for this forklift truck so you can load gravel, dirt, sand, or mud for easy cleanup or to move it to different areas.

Deciding Between Renting and Buying

If you find yourself needing a forklift on an outdoor job site, you might be wondering if a rough terrain forklift is right for you. The best way to find out is by renting one from BigRentz. This way, you can test out different versions to see which rough terrain forklift meets your needs. Also, if you typically don’t work on outdoor job sites, renting this type of forklift truck is more cost-effective than buying one.

When you’re looking for a powerful lift truck that can help you handle those big outdoor jobs, turn to rough terrain forklifts and see how a machine designed specifically for rugged ground can help.

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