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Pallet Jack Rental (2)

Pallet jacks are used to move palletized loads...Show More

Pallet jacks are used to move palletized loads. They are tiny in comparison to other tools in the material handling family. Due to their size, pallet jacks are only capable of lifting and transporting small loads, but their build allows them to access and navigate tight quarters and narrow passages with ease.

They come in two types: manual and electric. Manual pallet jacks can carry a standard pallet and are often used to rearrange pallets in trailers and other confined storage spaces. Electric pallet jacks are larger and often operate in warehouses or factories. They can be used to move heavier material that’s not suitable for a hand-operated model. Check out the FAQs below to learn more.

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Electric Pallet Jack

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Manual Pallet Jack

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How much does it cost to rent a pallet jack?

As you might suspect, pallet jacks are less expensive to rent than forklifts. The price will vary depending on the type of pallet jack and the duration of your rental.

A manual pallet jack is significantly less expensive than an electric model. It can cost $47 a day, $130 a week, or $260 a month. A motorized pallet jack will run you $78 a day, $229 a week, or $624 a month.

How much weight can a pallet jack lift?

Most pallet jacks have a maximum lifting capacity of about 5,000 pounds. The load capacity will depend on the model, so make sure to check this to determine the right pallet jack for your needs. Heavy-duty pallet jacks can support heavier loads up to 15,000 pounds.

How high can a pallet jack lift?

Pallet jacks aren’t built to lift materials as high as forklifts. Most are able to raise their loads just a foot or two off the ground, although some have a maximum lift height of eight feet. Make sure to double check what your model is capable of.

Which type of pallet jack will I need?

Whether you need a manual or electric pallet jack will depend on the size of the load you want to carry, how high you want to lift it, and how tight the space is where you’re working.

  • Manual pallet jack: These hand-operated models use a hydraulic spring to lift pallets off the ground. They’re best suited for lighter material that’s easier to transport and doesn’t have to be lifted as high. Manual pallet jacks come in several varieties, including models that can be adjusted to handle wider or narrower loads and jacks equipped with a digital scale to display the weight of each load.
  • Electric pallet jack: These battery-powered units save on manual labor, but they’re more expensive and require more training. Instead of using a hydraulic pump to raise and lower their prongs, they perform the task using a powered motor. Because they run on electricity, they need to be recharged between uses. Like manual pallet jacks, electric models come in several varieties.

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