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About Walkie Stacker

A walkie stacker is a unique type of forklift. Instead of physically driving a walkie stacker, you can operate it from behind by foot. Discover below a general overview on walkie stackers and exactly what type of work they’re ideal for.

Walkie Stacker Overview

Much like a forklift, walkie stackers raise pallets to a height and transport them around the warehouse. A walkie stacker is like a cross between a pallet jack and a forklift. The similarity with a pallet truck is the way you transport the loads. Walkie stackers deliver similar benefits to a forklift without the need for a special forklift license. Anyone with the right training can learn how to use a walkie stacker. This makes the machine ideal for use in your business.

The electric walkie stacker is the most common type, and most walkie stackers achieve a maximum lift height of 15.7 feet. Additionally, there are many subtypes you’ll find explained below.

Straddle Stacker

A walkie straddle stacker has straddle legs. The legs evenly distribute the weight of the load. These legs allow easy access to a pallet because you can drive the walkie stacker closer to it. The most common areas to use a walkie straddle stacker are small warehouses and storerooms.

Reach Stacker

A reach stacker differs from a straddle stacker because it can move loads forward. The forward movement is possible thanks to a scissor mast. The scissor mast makes reach stackers useful for loading goods onto trucks and other utility vehicles. A reach stacker can also perform the same duties as a straddle stacker, but the lift height is slightly lower.

Counterbalanced Stacker

A counterbalanced stacker features a counterbalance to improve the distribution of the load. The result is a walkie stacker that is more nimble because it doesn’t have extra legs outside the body of the vehicle. In turn, narrow aisles are easier to navigate.


Regardless of the type you opt for, walkie stackers come with several advantages:

  • You don’t need a forklift license to operate one. Simply train your employees, and they can get to work.
  • You’ll find them cheaper to run. Electric walkie stackers are more cost-efficient than other machinery that needs gasoline or diesel.
  • You’ll appreciate the multifunctionality. A reach stacker helps load goods onto trucks. Counterbalanced stackers offer superb maneuverability. Straddle stackers offer easier loading of pallets and more control.


It’s prudent to incorporate a daily checklist when using walkie stackers. Check the horn, brakes, and other parts to make sure everything is in working order. Ensure employees assess for cracked wheels and leaks in the hydraulic system. Draw up a thorough daily checklist to minimize risks of accidents.

Walkie stackers offer impressive cost efficiency, improved productivity, and ease of use for all employees. Overall, they boost the bottom line of your business. Deciding whether to rent or buy walkie stackers is a difficult decision. Renting makes the most sense if you want to test walkie stackers out. Contact BigRentz for a quote on high-quality functional walkie stackers to rent.

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