Construction Equipment Rental in Fargo, ND

About Construction Projects in Fargo, ND

Fargo is easily the most populated city in North Dakota. The city has more than 118,000 residents, and that number doubles when you include its twin city, Moorhead, Minnesota. Construction in Fargo is tricky since you may face rules in two different cities and states. Here’s a guide on building in Fargo.


The first thing to understand is that you should pick a spot in Fargo that won’t overlap with Moorhead. That way, you don’t have to deal with permits in both cities. That’s aggravating and twice as costly. Still, Fargo has a lot of specific rules about building permits.

You’ll need permits for new home construction. You also need them for any builds involving heating, plumbing, and electrical work. You even need to tell the government where you will do the work on your property. When the inspection happens, the government worker will make sure the work site matches the proposal.

You must submit an application for the permit you need. You cannot do this online unless you’re building a home. For all other forms of construction, you’ll need to fill out an application at the Planning and Development Department. It’s at 200 3rd Street North in Fargo.

Depending on the scope of the project, permit fees vary from $40 all the way up to almost $5,000. Along with your permit application, you will need to send two sets of plans and a set of truss drawings. If you plan to hire subcontractors, you should give a list to the city.


You’ll also need a licensed contractor for most building projects in Fargo. Otherwise, your workers will have to get licenses to work in the city. You’ll have to pay for each of these applications. Plus, you’ll suffer a delay while the employees go through the approval process. Getting a licensed contractor saves time and money.

Building Inspection

When your build is ready, you’ll need to schedule an inspection. A city employee will show up at your job site. They’ll make sure that your project follows all the construction rules. If you have problems during the inspection, you’re subject to extra fees and possibly even a project delay. The city of Fargo will charge you for these inspections. The base is $60 per hour plus expenses.

Construction Equipment

You won’t want to transport heavy machinery into the city. It’s too expensive. You’ll save money by renting equipment in Fargo. For most large projects, you’ll need aerial equipment such as scissor lifts, forklifts, manlifts, and boom lifts. These devices will lift heavy objects and take workers up to otherwise unreachable spots.


You need liability insurance to do any build in Fargo. You should also think about coverage that will protect you and your workers. Property damage and personal injuries happen on jobs. Insurers offer special coverage for these situations. Ask about coverage plans that will make sure that you’re not forced to pay these bills. Your workers will feel better knowing that they have protection, too.

Building in Fargo is challenging. The city has lots of rules about licenses, permits, and construction. Now that you understand their rules, you should enjoy a smooth build.

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