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About Construction Projects in North Dakota

Browse our North Dakota heavy equipment rental locations by city. BigRentz offers a wide variety of heavy equipment for rent, including earth moving machines, aerial equipment, lift trucks, compaction equipment, and job site services.

What You Need To Know

North Dakota is one of the hidden gems of the construction industry. From 2012 until 2016, the state ranked first in construction jobs as a share of the economy. It’s a great place to build for this reason. Here are three things you need to know when building in North Dakota.

Licenses and Permits

You won’t know which licenses and permits you need until you pick a city for the build. Each North Dakota city has its own rules about construction.

In most areas, you will need a permit to build. The local city or township will enforce this law. These government bodies only have the right to do within city limits, though. Any work done in a county is a gray area. Some counties require permits. Others don’t.

The other thing you will need is a bond. You must have this to cover the potential cost of government removal of the job site. If a worker abandons the site, the bond covers the tear-down cost.

You will also need a license to use heavy machinery. Useful tools like forklifts, boom lifts, manlifts, and scissor lifts aren’t for the untrained. Your workers must pass a test to prove they can operate these machines safely.

Types of Soil

You should think about the type of soil where you want to build. This factor will impact the equipment you choose for the project.

Williams soils are a constant presence in North Dakota. The state has a lot of farmland, and this soil makes tilling the land easy.

You will also find a lot of rolling hills across the ranges of North Dakota. The level of the land is sometimes challenging. The soil is fertile enough that you can overcome any issues, though.

One unique aspect of a North Dakota build is that you have to allow for oil sites. You don’t want to do construction too close to them. It can impact your land.

Regional Growth

North Dakota enjoys one of the strongest state economies in America. The state has low unemployment rates and high labor force participation.

The key to North Dakota’s status is the oil boom. Farming is the field that employs the highest number of North Dakota residents. The jobs in the oil industry drive the state’s growth, though. Many technology jobs in this industry are available in North Dakota.

Pipelines are an integral part of living in the state. These structures offer many jobs, most of which pay very well. One out of every six dollars in the North Dakota economy comes from the oil industry. That’s why the state economy has doubled over the past ten years.

With so many wealthy residents, North Dakota is always in need of new builds. Fargo is the most populated city. It has more than 118,000 residents. Bismarck and Grand Forks both have large populations as well. Minot is growing at the fastest pace of any major city in the state. These are the best locations for your build.

Due to its economy, North Dakota is a great place to build. Think about the factors listed here, and you should enjoy a successful project that makes you a lot of money.

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