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Working with lifts is dangerous to people who have no training. Local, state, and federal governments have requirements about licenses and permits. These laws protect untrained people from getting hurt. Here’s a guide on what you need to know to use aerial equipment in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Government Rules

The government wants users to understand the possible risks involved with aerial lifts. People who have no experience with them are more likely to fall and get seriously hurt. That’s why OSHA has rules about the proper usage of aerial equipment.

OSHA Section 1926.453 (b)(ii)(v) says that people who will use lifts must inspect them before using them. Only a licensed worker can follow this step properly. This is how OSHA keeps amateurs from using lifts. OSHA also requires the person to test each phase of lift movement. The user also has to check hoses and other parts of the lift system. They do this because a lift that isn’t working right can cause problems for everyone in the area, not just the user.

Permits and Licenses

The city of Broken Arrow says that people must have permits for the use of heavy machinery that the law views as dangerous. Rental equipment such as man lifts, forklifts, boom lifts, and scissor lifts all qualify. These tools are important for many jobs, but they can be deadly in the hands of do-it-yourselfers.

Before you start a project, the city says that your business has to name a head of the project. This person will answer any questions local government workers have. The project leader needs a building permit to break ground.

The business must also pay a few construction fees during the building phase. The city decides these fees based on the square footage of the project. Several other fees may apply.

Once the project is ready, the business must pay for an inspection. A local official will check the building to make sure it’s safe for people who live in Broken Arrow.

Anyone who has questions about permit rules should contact the One Stop Center. You can call it at (918) 259-2411 or visit the office on weekdays at 220 South First St. from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Some permit applications are also available online.

Liability Coverage

When using lifts, you’ll want insurance coverage. If someone has an accident while using one of these devices, the company is responsible for any damage or injuries. The same is true of an individual, which is another reason why an amateur should never use this heavy machinery.

The best liability insurance companies offer insurance plans that cover several key needs. A business needs insurance that covers worker’s compensation, general liability, and employee benefits. This protects a company and its employees in case of injury on the job.

Broken Arrow’s rules about building are easy for businesses to follow. Individual people will face a difficult battle in trying to stay within the law, which is why hiring someone who knows how to use lifts is the smart choice.

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