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About Construction Projects in Oklahoma

Browse our Oklahoma heavy equipment rental locations by city. BigRentz offers a wide variety of heavy equipment for rent, including earth moving machines, aerial equipment, lift trucks, compaction equipment, and job site services.

What You Need To Know

Builders have plenty of great reasons to plan work in Oklahoma. The state has almost four million residents. It also has plenty of good land soil that makes the building process smooth. You just need to know a few key facts before starting your build. Here’s a guide to Oklahoma construction.

Licenses and Permits

You will need a permit for any major build in Oklahoma. The size of your build will determine the Tier for the permit. You’ll pay more for larger builds. The Construction Permit Unit oversees all areas of construction.

The government wants to make sure that you have reliable workers for your projects. Your employees must have licenses to work in certain fields. Your plumbers and electricians need these licenses. Roofers must submit a special application.

Also, your project will need useful tools. Items like forklifts, manlifts, boom lifts, and scissor lifts are all great for builds. Your workers must get licenses to use these machines, though. The test is a simple competency check to make sure that the person will use the devices safely.

Types of Soil

Yes, Oklahoma had the Dust Bowl in the 1930s. You shouldn’t let this famous event impact your opinion of the state’s soil, though. Lots of areas have fertile ground that’s great for construction.

The western part of Oklahoma includes the Canadian Plains. This region has brown soil that’s loamy. It rests on sandstone. That makes it strong land for builds.

Central Oklahoma has more sandy soils. The ground still has loam, but it also has clay. Plus, some of the regions are grassy enough that you won’t need to add much for a land development. It’s the best area of the state for builds. Some of it is mountainous, though.

The eastern part of the state has the Ozark Highlands. This part of Oklahoma is beautiful but a bit more challenging for builds. The soil is lush due to a lot of trees and grass, though.

Regional Growth

The Oklahoma economy is roughly average for the United States. Oklahoma has a gross state product of $185.6 billion. The economy has grown steadily over the past few years. Oklahoma’s economy has increased at least four percent every year since 2010.

The most popular jobs in the state are in the manufacturing and trade industries. Professional and finance jobs are also in heavy demand. Finally, the Oklahoma government employs a large number of citizens, too.

Oklahoma has a lot of demand for technological jobs right now. It also has many jobs related to the oil industry. That’s why the state’s income has increased so much in recent years.

Construction workers are in demand in the state. Employers struggle to keep up with demand in the industry. You will want to watch the job market when you’re ready to hire for an Oklahoma build.

Oklahoma has a lot of great lands where you can build. Before you break ground, simply think about all the potential factors listed here. As long as you plan for each one, you’ll have a successful build.

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