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About Construction Projects in Oklahoma City, OK

A couple of years ago, CNN Money listed Oklahoma City as a quickly growing city. New residents and new jobs mean new chances for building projects. Contractors who are ready to work in Oklahoma City are at an advantage. Learn how to get permits for your jobs to start building in Oklahoma City. Get in on this city growth as the population reaches one million.

Oklahoma City Building Permits

If you plan to build, tear down, or remodel a structure, you need a permit. To buy a residential or commercial permit, you can contact the Oklahoma City Development Center office. They take calls, walk-ins, and downloaded applications.

Your permit application will include:

  • Your finished application
  • Two copies of the site plan
  • Two copies of the floor plan
  • Three copies of a legal description for metes, bounds, and split lots
  • Application fees

Contact the Development Center Plan Review for more information. You can reach the department at 405-297-2525. The permit section of the Development Center is on the eighth floor at 420 W. Main St. Your project may need an inspection as well.

Licenses for Contractors

In Oklahoma, general contractors do not need licenses. Specialty contractors, like electricians, do. In Oklahoma City, however, building contractors need to register with the city.

You can only get building permits, including fire, electrical, and plumbing if you are a licensed contractor with the City of Oklahoma. All contractors must register with the City of Oklahoma City.

To register as a contractor in Oklahoma City, you need:

  • A license from the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board (if required)
  • Completed contractor’s information sheet
  • Your photo ID
  • Proof of liability coverage (if required)
  • Immigration affidavit if necessary
  • The required payment

Bring these forms to the Development Center.

Liability Coverage

Building contractors working in Oklahoma City need liability coverage. You will also need workers’ compensation coverage. However, some specialty contractors do not need liability coverage.

If you are a building contractor, you need:

  • General liability insurance with minimum coverage of $50,000
  • Workers compensation with minimum coverage of $100,000

You will need to list your insurance company for your general liability insurance and your workers’ compensation when you register as a contractor. You must also know the policy number, policy start date, and when the policy expires. These papers go to the Development Center.

Best Equipment to Use

The soil in Oklahoma County and Oklahoma City is fertile and dark. Depending on the season, you will see both moisture and dryness in this type of soil. Try boom lifts and scissor lifts with all-terrain wheels and stabilizers. They will do well in this type of soil.

Manlifts and forklifts will work in Oklahoma City, too. Make sure you are using lifts with four-wheel-drive if it rains. Oklahoma City soil gets muddy after a storm.

Once you have your contractor’s license, you can get the permits you need to start working. Contractors who know about the permit process are at an advantage. Smart contractors also know why renting is important. Use BigRentz to get the building equipment you need for Oklahoma City jobs.

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