Construction Equipment Rental in Norman, OK

About Construction Projects in Norman, OK

Norman, Oklahoma, called the City of Festivals, is located 17 miles south of the state capital. The City of Norman is spending $150 million on construction jobs. These jobs will improve the City by fixing roads and sidewalks, bridges, storm water drainage, and more. Licensed contractors will want to jump on the bandwagon, and these helpful tips are for skilled contractors who want to work in Norman, Oklahoma.

When is a Building Permit is Required

Before a contractor begins any new construction, addition or remodeling project in Norman, you’re going to need a permit. Other projects that require a building permit are:

  • Storm shelters.
  • In-ground swimming pools.
  • Storage buildings are larger than 108 square feet.
  • Storage buildings smaller than 108 square feet, but on a foundation.

You do not need a permit for basic repairs like carpet and paint.

Trade permits are also a must for electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work. You must have a contractor license issued by the City of Norman to get a trade permit. Permits are good for six months. However, if an inspection is done in the first six months of the build, your permit will automatically renew for six more months after the inspection date.

For questions about building permits in Norman, Oklahoma, you can call the City permit staff at 405-366-5339. Visit their website at for more information.

Fees Required to Obtain a Permit

Building permit fees are 14-cents per square foot or at least $50. 20 percent of the building permit fee is used for plan and application review. The State of Oklahoma also wants a $4 fee to support the Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission. Building permits for new construction may have to pay more fees if public services need to be expanded.

Permit Application Requirements

The Construction Permit Application will include three copies of the site plan and floor plan. All elevations must be drawn to City of Norman standards. A roof plan that shows how the roof drains and plans of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are also submitted. If asked by a City building official, applicants must include structural and framing plans.

Oklahoma Insurance Requirements

If you own a construction business in the Oklahoma, you know that business insurance protects you from legal claims that can ruin your company. When you work in Norman, having enough commercial liability coverageĀ is an important part of the construction project. However, commercial liability insurance is not mandatory in Oklahoma.

Best Heavy Equipment Rentals

Aerial lifts like boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts, and manlifts are the key to the success of every construction project in Norman. This equipment helps you better handle construction materials. Having the aid of a full-service, online heavy equipment rental group will help you select the right sized equipment for your job in Norman’s unusual conditions.

Norman, Oklahoma is a city deep in a construction phase and if you’re a contractor, before you start any commercial building project, make sure you visit the City offices if you have a question about permits and licensing.

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