Construction Equipment Rental in Memphis, TN

About Construction Projects in Memphis, TN

All cities, including Memphis, Tennessee, have a long list of documents that contractors must follow when working on construction projects. These papers include permits, insurance, inspections, and licenses.

Find out when and where to get these important papers. You need them if you are a general HVAC tech, plumber, or general contractor.

Building Permits

The City of Memphis has rules for construction projects. These rules make sure that all projects done in the city limits are safe for people.

You need a building permit for almost any home improvement project. Buy the permit online or at the Shelby County Code Enforcement building. The Permits and Codes division sells the permits. Permit fees depend on the estimated cost of construction. You must start work within 180 of receiving the permit. The permit expires two years after you get it.

Building Inspections

Construction projects need at least three building inspections. You need one before you pour the foundation, during the framing process, and for the last construction. If the foundation is a concrete slab under a living space, you need a fourth inspection. You may also need to have the plumbing and mechanical systems inspected.

You must call to schedule an inspection appointment. The law states you get the inspection no longer than three days after you ask for one. If you fail one of the inspections, you get one free re-inspection. Every extra inspection costs $100.

Contractor Licenses

To work on construction projects in Memphis, contractors must have licensure. This makes sure only trained professionals work on these projects. You need a home improvement license for projects that cost between $3,000 and $24,999. You need a general contractor license if the cost of the project is $25,000 or more.

It costs $250 to apply for the application. You also must give the following:

  • Reference letter
  • Current financial statement
  • Copy of charter if your business is in Tennessee or Certificate of Authority

If your business is outside the state, you must pass the Tennessee business and law exam to get a license. That costs $44. Trade licenses have a separate exam. These exams are either $38 or $44. You must renew every two years. License renewals cost $200.

Contractor Liability Coverage

To work in Memphis, you must have liability coverage or bonds. These policies cover you and the property if there is an accident.

The amount of coverage depends upon the cost of the project. The minimum coverage ranges between $100,000 and $1,000,000. If you have employees, you also need workers’ compensation coverage. Automobile coverage is required if you have a car or truck for your work.

Construction Equipment Rental in Memphis, Tennessee

All contractors need the right equipment to work on construction projects. Sometimes you have to rent gear to get the job done. Some types of aerial equipment you can rent include:

If you work on construction projects in Memphis, never start them without getting the right papers. This includes permits, insurance, licenses, and inspections. Save yourself the worry and take care of the paperwork before you start work.

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