Construction Equipment Rental in St. George, UT

About Construction Projects in St George, UT

Just northeast of Las Vegas and home to Dixie State University, St. George is a great place for your next construction project. Summers are scorching which makes the much cooler winters a better time to build. Before you start, however, find out about the permits, licenses, inspections, and insurance that you need. St. George is no different than any other city in that it has its own set of rules and regulations.

Building Permits

The first step before you break ground is getting the proper permits. There are a few things you have to submit with your application. Bring the following with your application:

  • Two sets of plans
  • Architectural approval
  • Homeowner or builder certification
  • Septic permit
  • Water verification
  • RESCheck
  • Special service district impact fee
  • Geotechnical report
  • Culvert letter
  • Zoning verification

The county will not approve you for a building permit if you do not submit all of the necessary documents.

Building Inspections

Inspections are another big part of construction projects. They ensure the safety of the workers and the future occupants. You can request an inspection online on the County of Washington website.

On your construction site, you need to have a 4-yard capacity dumpster with a lid cover and a sanitary facility device.

Contractor License

Contracting work in the State of Utah requires a license. You need to have a certain amount of experience and be able to pass a test. You must have had at least two years of full-time experience in your contracting field. The test you have to take and pass is the Utah Business and Law Examination. To take this exam, you also need to have some management experience. In one of your two years of work, you must have been a supervisor or manager.

Contractor Liability Insurance

Other requirements in the Utah include liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Your liability insurance has to cover more than $300,000. It helps cover damages caused by your company which is sometimes out of your control. The worker’s compensation helps cover your employees in the case of an accident. As a result, it is important that you identify your worker’s compensation on your liability insurance.

Construction Equipment in St. George, Utah

All construction jobs have similarities and differences. One of the similarities is that most jobs need construction equipment. In St. George, aerial equipment is quite common. Some of the common types of aerial equipment are scissor lifts, boom lifts, forklifts, and manlifts.

You might need some earthmoving equipment as well. BigRentz offers equipment such as backhoes, dozers, excavators, and skid steers. Whatever you need for your project, BigRentz can help.

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