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About Construction Projects in Utah

Browse our Utah heavy equipment rental locations by city. BigRentz offers a wide variety of heavy equipment for rent, including earth moving machines, aerial equipment, lift trucks, compaction equipment, and job site services.

What You Need To Know

When you want to work as a contractor in Utah, you need the right license and insurance. You also have to understand Utah’s soil, because it affects your job sites. Find the best equipment to rent to fit your job site, whether it’s in an urban area or right on the sandy soil.

Get the Right License

When you get a contractor’s license in Utah, you need to take the Utah Business and Law Examination. You also need a certain amount of experience before you can take the test. In the past ten years, you need two years of full-time experience in your contracting field.

If you want to get licensed to be a general contractor, you also need management experience. In one of your two years of full-time work, you must have been a supervisor or manager. General contracting includes general building, general engineering, or residential, small commercial.

For other kinds of contractor licenses, you don’t need management experience. These include:

  • Carpentry
  • General masonry
  • Refrigeration
  • Steel erection
  • Fire suppression
  • HVAC

Other types of contractor applicants also need two years of experience. The only excluded kinds are electricians and plumbers.

Have the Insurance You need

The state of Utah has liability insurance and workers’ compensation requirements, too. The liability insurance you have needs to be continuous. It also has to cover more thanĀ $300,000. You will need to put this info on your license renewal form.

You need to have workers’ compensation coverage, too. Workers’ comp has to cover your employees and some owner-workers. Report this on the form with your liability insurance.

Understand Utah Soil and Terrain

Your job sites will deal with Utah’s soil and terrain. Make sure you rent the right kind of equipment to handle it. The soil in Utah is sandy and loamy with a little bit of clay and silt mix in with a lot of sand to create it.

Excavating in Utah’s soil can be difficult because of the sand. The sand isn’t a very sturdy place to drive your equipment. You have to think about getting machines with four-wheel-drive that can handle sand. But, you also need to remember that driving heavy equipment near trenches can cause the walls to collapse.

You’ll need to slope the walls of your trenches. When you rent an excavator, think about how the machine will handle that job.

Think about urban Utah areas as job sites, too. When you rent equipment for construction sites in urban areas, your considerations are different. Equipment with zero tail swing gives you more room to move in narrow spots. Make sure your boom lifts go high enough without a lot of tail swing.

Why Choose BigRentz

When you own equipment, you have to pay for its maintenance and storage. Plus, it might not fit every job you do. Rent with BigRentz to get the exact boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts, and manlifts that fit your Utah construction jobs. Equipment that can handle your job site and fits your needs is necessary.

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