Equipment Rental in West Valley City, UT

About Construction Projects in West Valley City, UT

Are you planning a build in West Valley City, Utah? You should. It’s the second biggest city in Utah. Plus, with attractions like the USANA Amphitheater and Maverik Center, it’s growing quickly. You only need to know about a few laws before starting your project. Here’s a guide to building in West Valley City.

Building Permits

You’ll need a building permit for most projects in the city. The only times you won’t need a permit are for minor home work. If someone hires you to build a deck or pave a driveway, you can skip the permit. Otherwise, you must get one.

The West Valley City Building Inspection Division gives permits to builders. You must apply there. You should tell the inspector the type of build that you’re doing. The government official will tell you which permit you need.

Building permits cover anything from major builds to contract work for homeowners. You’ll pay more for a permit for a larger build. The price of the permit depends on the cost of the project.


Your project must have someone with a contractor’s license. This person will talk to city officials about what’s okay for the build. You may not have a worker with a license for the area.

Sometimes, you’ll find that the cheapest solution is to hire a local contractor. Your own employee would have to spend time and money getting the license. Someone who lives in West Valley City will already have one. Plus, this worker will know how things work in the city. This person many even have a working relationship with many of the local safety officials.

Building Inspection

You must contact the Building Inspection Division when you’re ready to build. A safety inspector must approve your project plans. The city has great turnaround time on inspections. You can usually schedule an appointment within 24 hours. The inspector will need at least three days to review plans. A major project will take no more than four weeks. Once your project is ready, a safety inspector will check your work.

Rental Equipment

You’ll need to use machines on any major project. Equipment like boom lifts, manlifts, scissor lifts, and forklifts will make the job easier. Moving these heavy items from project to project can get expensive, though. The best approach is to rent them instead.


You’ll need liability insurance coverage for your build. You should ask an insurer about special offers for contractors. You want coverage that will protect you and the residents of the area where you’ll work. The damage from the project could hurt people and property.

You also need insurance that will take care of your crew. If someone gets hurt, your insurance will pay for several things. It will cover medical bills, worker’s comp, and lost salary. You don’t get this package with your basic premium, though. You must ask your insurer for a special plan that fits your project. You should also understand that it will cost more than basic liability coverage.

Building in West Valley City is a great idea. It’s a growing city with a lot of good land. You just need to know and follow the laws above to have a safe, productive project.

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