Construction Equipment Rental in West Jordan, UT

About Construction Projects in West Jordan, UT

West Jordan, Utah, has grown a lot over the last 15 years. Its population grew from 68,336 in 2000 to 103,712 in 2010. That’s because people who work in Salt Lake City often live in West Jordan. With all of this growth, the time is right to build. Read on for more information about construction rules and laws in West Jordan, Utah.

Building Permits

West Jordan has specific building codes and rules in place. You need to follow all of these rules to get the city’s okay for your project. You will need a building permit to start working.

The city requires blueprints for the project. These drawings must show that you’re obeying the rules. You should pay special attention to the codes for plumbing, energy, and electrical work. These are the most likely reasons for a rejected permit.

You can apply for a permit at the city’s Building Center. You can also apply online. You will pay $300 for the application. The cost of the permit depends on the project. Anything less than $10,000 gets a free permit. The cost for projects under $100,000 is $50Ð$100. The maximum permit cost is $1,500.


You will need a licensed contractor to work in West Jordan. The city takes construction seriously. It expects all skilled workers to prove their abilities.

Contractors must pass a test to get a license. Studying for this test can take time. You will also have to pay your workers for the study sessions. For these reasons, the best idea is to hire a local contractor. This person will already have a license. The local contractor might also have existing relationships with city officials and others in the building industry. You can save time and money by hiring a local contractor.


You will need to pass multiple inspections during your project. A city official will make sure that you’re following all rules and laws at each point. When you are ready for an inspection, you should notify the city 24 hours ahead of time.

The city has strict rules about building. An official will delay or stop a project after a failed inspection. The worker will provide a detailed explanation for why. The rejection notice will also offer suggestions for bringing your work up to code.

Rental Equipment

Are you planning major construction? You are likely to use a lot of equipment for big projects. You will need forklifts, manlifts, scissor lifts, and boom lifts to do the work. This machinery isn’t cheap to move from town to town. Your best option is to rent the equipment.


You will need insurance to work on a build. You need enough coverage to make sure that you don’t have to pay your own money in the event of an accident. You want insurance that will cover property damage.

You also need coverage for injuries to neighbors in the area as well as your work crew. Accidents do happen on job sites. You need insurance that will pay for medical bills, lost income, and worker’s comp. You will hopefully never need this coverage, but it’s best to have it.

Building in West Jordan is a great idea. You just need to follow all the rules and laws listed here.

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