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About Construction Projects in Newport News, VA

The City of Newport News, Virginia, has a long past dating back to America’s colonial days. Newport News is renovating their historic city and is a great place for contractors to work on a lot of building projects. If there’s one part of remodeling that owners don’t like, it’s the permit application process. It’s best to leave this important piece of the job to the experts. Here are some helpful tips for contractors looking to build in Newport News, Virginia.

Applications and Permits

Every project that builds a new structure, changes or takes down a standing structure, plus interior remodeling must have a building permit in Newport News. Most electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work besides the most basic repairs and upkeep also need a building permit. You must get a permit at the city level before any work can begin.

Contractors with a business address in Newport News will need a City of Newport News business license too. If your company is located outside of Newport News, you do not usually need a city business license. However, if your company earns more than $25,000 in one year, between January and December, you need a city business license.

To apply for building permits and applications, visit the City of Newport News website at or call 757-933-2311. You must have a copy of your contractor’s license to apply. If you have a Class C, or Master Tradesman License, a $5,000 bond must also be on file with the city. There is also a $5 contractor registration fee.

The Newport News website has links to all city applications like the Building Permit Application and a Site Plan Check List. Their website also has other helpful information for contractors.

Insurance Requirements

Business insurance protects your Virginia company from getting sued if someone gets hurt or property is damaged. All general contractors must have liability insurance and workers compensation to work in Newport News. Your company must have $100 thousand in bodily injury insurance and $1 million of general liability insurance.

Best Equipment to Use

Heavy equipment rentals are key to every construction project. When you need a backhoe for digging or a handy aerial boom lift with a maneuverable arm, or a large forklift, scissor lift, or manlift, you want to be ready. Having a relationship with a full-service, online equipment rental network will save money and time at the job site.

Are inspections required?

Most construction jobs in Newport News, Virginia need an inspection by the city building worker. Reviews of the job site will find building code violations and safety hazards before a problem happens. You will receive a list of inspections that need to be done and when they must be scheduled when you get your building permit. How many inspections are needed depends on the type of construction project. It is your job as the contractor to make sure the inspections are scheduled on time.

If you’re a contractor based out of Newport News, Virginia, never start a building project without getting all the right permits, inspections, and insurance. Save time and money and contact your partners at the City before any work begins.

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