Construction Equipment Rental in Everett, WA

About Construction Projects in Everett, WA

Everett sits within Snohomish County in the state of Washington. The county controls all of the building requirements for work on homes and offices. Most buildings need permits and inspections before owners can move in.

Building Permits

The county requires permits for construction of new homes. There are four categories:

  • Single-family residential
  • Manufactured homes
  • Accessory buildings
  • Other

Adding certain things to your property requires permits. These include swimming pools, retaining walls, fences, and other additions. Commercial building construction and upgrades also need permits. You need to apply for the permit before you begin any work on the job site.

Permit fees in Everett depend on the size of the project. Call Permit Services at 425-257-8810 to get a fee estimate. You may also have to pay fees for plan reviews, sewer and water connection, and other services. The county website has checklists for the different permits available. You can use the checklist to make sure you turn in all the required items.

Building Inspections

Building inspectors look at several parts of the construction project for safety. When scheduling an inspection, you will need:

  • The type of inspection
  • Your permit number
  • Address of the job site
  • Name of contractor
  • Name of building owner or tenant

Schedule an inspection before any part of the construction is complete so the inspector has access. The inspector will need to see electrical work, gas, mechanical systems, and concrete. You will also need a final inspection after the job is done.

Contractor Licenses

The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries gives licenses. Two types are available: general and specialty contractors. General contractors can work on several building trades. Specialty contractors can only work on one building trade. Contractors must register their businesses with the state first. The fee to register your business with the Secretary of State is about $180. Filing for a business license has a fee of around $25.

You also must pay the contractor license fee. The cost is $113.40 for the first two years. The fee to renew it is $53.60. You will also have to pay fees if you need extra copies of your license. Contractors have to turn in the application and necessary papers. You will get your license within two to four weeks. If the Department of Labor & Industries needs more information, they will let you know.

Contractor Liability Coverage

When you apply for a contractor’s license in Washington, you have to show proof of insurance coverage. This insurance protects the property owner in case something goes wrong. You also need to have workers’ compensation insurance for your employees. The minimum amounts for a general contractor are:

  • $50,000 in property damage, and
  • $200,000 in public liability

You can also show proof of a $250,000 combined policy.

Construction Rental Equipment in Everett, Washington

You can find building equipment rental options in the Everett area. When you rent equipment, you can save a lot of money on buying and maintaining expensive items. Some of the most expensive items are aerial equipment. These include manlifts, forklifts, scissor lifts, and boom lifts.

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