Construction Equipment Rental in Kent, WA

About Construction Projects in Kent, WA

Before starting building work, you need to know about the relevant laws that apply to that area. There is specific paperwork you need to show and laws you need to abide by in Kent, Washington.

Building Permits

You need a permit for many building projects in Kent. Do not start any work without first checking if you need a permit for such work. The following categories of construction do not need a permit:

  • Painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, countertops and similar finish work
  • Fences less than 7 feet tall
  • Decking less than 30 inches above the ground
  • Prefabricated swimming pools that are less than 24 inches deep and do not exceed 5,000 gallons

To clear up whether you need a permit call the City of Kent Permit Center at 253-856-5300. The fee for a building permit depends on the value of the work.

Building Inspections

You might need to schedule a building inspection upon completion of any construction work in Kent. At a minimum, the Fire Prevention team needs to inspect new buildings to check for Fire Code Compliance. The Building Services team also inspects new buildings and other alterations to existing buildings that require a permit. Building Services only inspects work that comes with the right permit. You need to contact the Permit Center to book an inspection for your project.

Contractor Licenses

You need to become a licensed contractor before starting any building work in Kent. Becoming a contractor if your physical location is outside of Kent involves filling in an application form and paying a $101 fee. All licenses expire on Dec. 31 each year, so you need to renew your license annually. If you apply for a license after July 1, the application fee drops to $51.

Your company might not be as big as Boeing or REI, but all businesses located in Kent require a business license. Since contractors are businesses, they need to get a City Business License. The fee for a Business License depends on the number of employees you have.

  • 0-24 employees: $236.52
  • 25-49 employees: $336.52
  • 50-99 employees: $536.52
  • 100+ employees: $736.52

The high costs involved make it nonsensical to become a contractor unless it’s your livelihood.

Contractor Liability Coverage

On top of licensing needs, contractors must also have the right insurance in Kent. You need automobile liability coverage with a single limit of $1 million per accident. You also need to hold workers’ compensation coverage because it’s the law in Washington. Finally, you must also have commercial general liability insurance of $1 million per occurrence.

Construction Equipment Rental in Kent, Washington

Think about renting any tools you need for building work in Kent. You can rent aerial tools such as boom lifts, forklifts, scissor lifts, and manlifts. You can also rent many of the other tools you need for your specific job.

The strict insurance requirements and high volume of paperwork mean it’s best to plan when it comes to your construction projects in Kent. Preparation can be what makes everything a lot easier for you.

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