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About Construction Projects in Spokane, WA

In Spokane, Washington, the housing market is on the rise. A limited inventory is causing housing prices to surge. What does this mean for you as a contractor? It means you’ll have plenty of work to do. Sellers will want to get their homes in the best shape to get more money on the market. To make sure you’re ready to work as a contractor in Spokane, learn about the city’s permitting and licensing requirements.

Getting a Building Permit

While Spokane handles its own building permits, it uses guidelines from Spokane County. There are different permit requirements depending on the type of project.

For example, if you’re building a new residence, you’ll need to include information on the property, project details, and contact information for the property owner. You also need to include a completed Washington State Energy Code Worksheet, ventilation compliance form, radon mitigation form, and Prescriptive Continuous Footing Calculator.

Smaller projects, like remodeling, additions, fences, or garages, only require a site plan. To see exactly what permit you need, contact the Planning and Development Department.

Getting an Inspection

Unfortunately, you can’t get a permit without an inspection of the property. If a project is large, it might even need multiple inspections. An inspection makes sure things are compliant with the city, national, and international building codes.

Depending on the project, you could need any of the following inspections:

  • Foundation/slab/excavation
  • Underground plumbing
  • Radon
  • Rough plumbing and final plumbing
  • Framing and insulation
  • Structural
  • HVAC

Fees for Permits

You will need to pay to get a permit. Fees vary depending on the project. However, for a new construction build, the cost is a $539.73 processing fee plus a plan review and inspection fee that vary depending on the size of the project. Alterations have a processing fee of $348.44, a plan review fee of $293.03, and an inspection fee of $435.49. Minor alterations have a processing fee of $72.96, a plan review fee of $146.52, and an inspection fee of $239.20.

To find the total cost of your permit, consult the Building and Planning Department of Spokane County.

Becoming a Licensed Contractor

To work in the state of Washington as a contractor, you’ll need to be licensed. You can become either a general contractor or a specialty contractor. While general contractors can work on basic projects, specialty contractors choose only one special trade or craft.

You’ll need to get both a surety bond and general liability insurance before you can get your license. Your surety bond is $12,000 for a general contractor and $6,000 for a specialty contractor. General liability insurance coverage must be at least $50,000 for property damage and $200,000 for public liability. In addition to these costs, you also need to pay a $113.40 fee every two years.

Once you’ve got your license and understand the permit process, the only thing left that you need to worry about is equipment. Boost your proficiency on the job by renting aerial equipment like scissor lifts, boom lifts, forklifts, and manlifts. These will help you get the job done faster and become one of the best contractors in Spokane.

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