The World’s Most Innovative Mega Construction Projects

Megaprojects continue to grow to improve our infrastructure and establish economic power. Here are 12 innovative megaprojects and how they will impact the world.

18 New Building Materials That Will Revolutionize Construction

To create stronger and more sustainable buildings, construction firms need to know the latest innovations. We’ve rounded up 18 new building materials that can change the future of construction, from bamboo to spider silk.

10 Longest Tunnels in the World

Today’s tunnels are engineering marvels stretching across diverse topographies. We highlight 10 of the longest (and impressive) tunnels to date.

Is it Time to Remodel Your Company’s Offices? How to Design a Millennial-Friendly Workplace

If your office space was designed when fax machines were still considered “high tech,” chances are it’s filled with cubicles and doors that close. That could hurt your chances of recruiting and retaining millennial workers.

What Americans Are Building According to Google

Which home improvement projects are Americans interested in building? We compile some of the top “how to build” Google searches and highlight the most popular projects in each state.

The Costs of Building Iconic Pop Culture Structures

From Death Star to Hogwarts, pop culture structures are as every bit iconic as the characters. How much would they cost to build in real life? We estimate the costs of five iconic structures.

How Are Bridges Built?

How are bridges built to transport people and vehicles on an everyday basis? Special engineering techniques and steps are required to design a functional bridge – here’s how they are constructed.

How to Build an Epic Ninja-Style Obstacle Course in Your Backyard

Whether you’re a parent with active kids who need a challenge, a fitness enthusiast who loves watching “American Ninja Warrior,” or someone training for a career in the armed forces – building an epic obstacle course in your backyard is a great project that can take your workouts to an exciting new level and make your house the envy of the block.

Found Bones on a Construction Site? Here’s What to Do

When construction crews enter a site with their earth-moving equipment such as excavators, they are mostly expecting a routine dig. However, when your crew discovers bones on a construction site, it’s not simply another day on the job. As a general contractor, you need to know what to do when bones get unearthed on your construction site.

Understanding the Construction Terms and Lingo Used During Home Remodeling Projects

The National Association of Home Builders reports that the most common home construction projects are kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and whole-house remodeling. If you’re looking to hire a professional to complete one or all of these tasks, it can be daunting! You may not know which tools to use or understand the construction jargon seen in bids and contracts.

From Construction Sites to Constructed Housing: Resources for Homeless Veterans

With projects commonly spanning multiple years, generally offering quiet at night, and typically containing portable restrooms and even sometimes electrical outlets, it’s no secret that unsheltered homeless people often spend the night on construction sites, hiding out underneath scaffolding or big equipment. However, this is a dangerous practice – and it’s on the rise.

How to Keep Construction Dust Under Control

Have you ever found yourself coughing incessantly while working on construction projects? You could be breathing in dangerous amounts of construction dust, and even when you leave the site, you could bring home that dust and unintentionally have your family members breathe in these toxic chemicals. To combat all the dust that surfaces at the job site, consider renting specific equipment, such as a water truck, to help decrease the amount of construction dust you’re bound to cause due to cutting, drilling, and sandblasting.

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