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Construction is central to much of our modern world. Read on for information about innovation in building designs, recent construction statistics, technological advances, and more about this ever-evolving field.
Proctor Compaction Test: Procedure & Tools

The Proctor test measures soil compaction to determine the point at which soils can most efficiently be compacted using construction equipment, based on their optimal moisture content and maximum dry weight.

How to Design Bird-Safe Buildings

There are a number of ways to address the problem, from screens to etched or fritted windows to minimizing lighting that can distract and confuse migrating birds. These are just a couple of characteristics of some bird-safe buildings, but the true definition is more detailed than that. So, before we go any further, it would behoove us to define exactly what a bird-safe, or bird-friendly building is.

Architectural Acoustics: The Art of Sound Design

When you think of acoustics, you probably think of concert halls. But musicians aren’t the only ones who benefit from good acoustics. Architectural acoustics are essential in ensuring sounds are transmitted clearly and effectively. They matter when it comes to keeping things quiet in places like libraries or museums, or in making sure loud noises aren’t too loud, in places like casinos.

Types of Concrete Blocks Used in Construction

There are two primary concrete block categories: hollow and solid. Both of these concrete block types are typically used during the construction of walls, but can be used for other purposes as well.

Contractor vs. Subcontractor: What Are The Key Differences?

Business owners might choose to hire general contractors, independent contractors, and subcontractors for a variety of different construction projects. However, deciding which type of contractor is the best fit for a project requires understanding the key differences between each type.

What Is an Air Change Rate and Why Is It Important?

Why is this important? If your air change rate is too high, you’re losing air that you’re paying to heat or cool. If the rate is too low, your air is becoming stale and stagnant, which can also lead to a buildup of toxins, viruses, pathogens, and the like.

Commercial Construction Cost Per Square Foot in the U.S.

To give you a better idea of how much you can expect to spend on a commercial project, we’ll go over the most common types of commercial buildings and break down the average cost in the western, eastern, midwest and southern U.S.

What Is a Building Envelope and Why Is It Beneficial?

A building envelope is everything that separates the internal building from the external environment, including a roof, doors, windows, floors, and walls.

What Are Floor Joists and How Do They Work?

Floor joists are horizontal structural members that span an open space, often between beams, which subsequently transfer the load to vertical structural members. These joists, part of the floor system, carry the weight of everything inside a room, including walls, furniture, appliances, and even people.

Brick Dimensions Guide: Common Shapes and Sizes

Learn about specified, actual, and nominal brick dimensions and the most common brick sizes. Standard brick sizes vary from country to country.

Rebar Sizes, Grades, and Types

A rebar, or reinforcing bar, is a bar that’s used to reinforce and strengthen concrete under tension. It’s typically made of steel, though fiberglass is popular for certain projects because it doesn’t corrode and is non-magnetic.

States Where the Most Home Development is Happening

Rumors of a housing boom are abounding, but are they accurate? We’ve analyzed U.S. Census data to determine where the most building permits are being approved and what types of homes are being constructed.

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