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20 Top Construction Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

20 Top Construction Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

Construction podcasts provide the perfect platform for construction workers to stay up to date on industry news and operations. New construction podcasts go live every day, and industry professionals speak on everything from the latest advances in construction technology to career advice for new business owners.

Whether you’re looking for a basic introduction to the industry or need something new to tune into on the job site, our list of the best construction podcasts for 2022 is a great place to find new content. The following podcasts feature working professionals and industry experts to help listeners navigate the latest challenges, technological advancements and opportunities the construction industry has to offer.

1. Art of Construction

The “Art of Construction” podcast pulls together a community of construction professionals and entrepreneurs to provide tips on growing a construction business in today’s climate. In each episode, the host interviews a different expert to get their opinion on topics ranging from sales and marketing strategies to making conscious supply chain decisions. If you are an architect or contractor looking to grow your business, this podcast is for you.

Best for: Architecture and contracting business owners

Average episode length: 30-60 minutes

Where to listen: AOC, Spotify, Apple Podcasts

Recommended episode: “This is the Greatest Time in History to be in Construction”

  • Covers a wide range of current issues and advancements in the construction industry
  • Features Steve Burrows, one of the lead engineers for Apple’s headquarters and the Beijing Olympic Stadium

2. Bridging the Gap

“Bridging the Gap” focuses on all the ways the construction industry is advancing, from new technologies and innovations to updated processes and safety practices. Each episode highlights an industry expert trying new things in their field and shows how their innovations affect the construction industry as a whole.

Best for: Construction professionals and enthusiasts interested in new technologies and methods transforming the industry

Average episode length: 30-60 minutes

Where to listen: Spotify, PodBean

Recommended episode: “Making Construction of the Future A Reality”

  • Highlights strategies to create a healthy workplace culture, promote diversity and embrace change in an evolving industry

"The heart behind the podcast is to put a spotlight on the innovators and innovation happening in the construction industry." -Todd Weyandt, Bridging the Gap

3. Construction Brothers

Eddie and Tyler Campbell started the “Construction Brothers” podcast as a way to bring trade-specific tips and information to their audience. They both work in virtual construction during the day, and they bring a wealth of technology, engineering and architecture-related knowledge to each show.

Best for: Construction professionals looking for well-informed tips and advice

Average episode length: 5-40 minutes

Where to listen: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast

Recommended episode: “Boost Your Team’s Productivity”

  • Learn to improve your productivity, communication skills and consistency with nothing more than a Post-it note
  • Relevant for any position in the industry, from construction worker to project manager

4. 99% Invisible

In this narrative podcast, Roman Mars talks about architecture and design elements that go unnoticed in our everyday lives. Unlike more traditional construction news or how-to podcasts, “99% Invisible” tells the story of the powerful design elements behind modern structures that only architects and designers are likely to notice.

Best for: Architects, designers and everyday people interested in design and infrastructure

Average episode length: 30-45 minutes

Where to listen: 99% Invisible, Spotify, Apple Podcasts

Recommended episode: “The Pool and the Stream”

  • Uses the story of skateboarders and old kidney bean-shaped swimming pools to show how ideas can evolve over time
  • “99% Invisible” staff favorite


This podcast is a great resource for new business owners who always wanted a mentor to look up to. Each episode features an expert guest with experience working in the industry or running a business, and guests often discuss the challenges and successes they faced at each stage of their career. People working in any part of the construction industry can benefit from their expert advice.

Best for: Construction professionals looking for expert advice

Average episode length: 60 minutes

Where to listen: Stitcher, Spotify, iTunes, Player FM

Recommended episode: “Emulating the Culture Your People Deserve with Kevin Gray of ADC Paving”

  • Successful business owner Kevin Gray talks about how to master customer experience, employee training and other crucial skills when running a business

6. The ConTechCrew

“The ConTechCrew” is a go-to podcast for anyone wanting to stay up to date on construction technology news. Each episode features an expert in robotics, construction software, 3D printing, construction apps or another cutting-edge technology to discover how it’s making an impact in the industry.

Best for: People interested in the latest construction software

Average episode length: 60 minutes

Where to listen: JBKnowledge, Apple Podcasts

Recommended episode: “It’s the Way You Build, It’s Not Optional!”

  • Highlights new and evolving construction technologies transforming the industry
  • #1 most downloaded episode

7. The Construction Leading Edge

“The Construction Leading Edge” was designed for construction business owners, project executives and managers who want to increase revenue and grow their business. Each episode offers business tips and expert advice, and guests often provide resources for anyone who wants to dive deeper into the topic they discussed on the show.

Best for: Construction business owners, project executives and managers who want advice on increasing revenue and growing their business

Average episode length: 60 minutes

Where to listen: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher 

Recommended episode: “Four Steps to Financial Freedom and Driving Your Cash Flow”

  • Covers the necessary steps business owners must take to achieve financial freedom
  • Learn to avoid the most common mistakes contractors make when trying to secure a steady cash flow

8. Construction DorkCast

A group of friends with a passion for construction host the “Construction Dorkcast” to share their knowledge of the industry and have fun doing it. When they aren’t speaking on their favorite topics, the hosts often bring in guests to discuss new technology, industry updates and other topics related to improving the construction industry as a whole. If you tune in on their website, you can also watch a video version of each episode.

Best for: Construction professionals and anyone else interested in the way the construction industry works

Average episode length: 60-90 minutes

Where to listen: Construction Dorks, Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Recommended episode: “We are MAD About Innovation”

  • Hear from Jeff Elwell of EM Duggan and Steve Whitmer of Acco, two professionals whose companies are constantly innovating to create new tech solutions

9. Elevate Construction

“Elevate Construction” has evolved into a daily podcast that highlights construction professionals striving to make the industry better for companies, workers and customers. Each episode covers a new training, method or industry update that inspires professionals to improve the way they do business.

Best for: Tradespeople and business owners working to make the construction industry safer and more efficient

Average episode length: 10-30 minutes

Where to listen: Elevate Construction, Spotify, Audible

Recommended episode: “Work Ethic!”

  • Shows you how to work hard at your job and learn the value of your labor
  • Perfect for people who are just starting out in their career or feel stuck in their current position

When it comes to finishing a project, we in construction have a work ethic that will keep us driving, grinding and working in the right direction." -Jason Shcroeder, Elevate Construction

10. Power to the Trades

eSUB’s “Power to the Trades” podcast highlights cutting-edge technology that contractors and other professionals can use to boost a construction project’s productivity, safety and sustainability. Each episode features a new guest who has used technology to their advantage when building their business.

Best for: Contractors and other professionals interested in learning about how new technology can power the construction process

Average episode length: 20-30 minutes

Where to listen: eSUB, Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Recommended episode: “Karalynn Cromeens from the Subcontractor Institute”

  • Discusses the ways technology can improve communication for trade contractors and save money
  • Hear from Karalynn Cromeens, a practicing attorney and founder of the Subcontractor Institute

11. Mass Construction Show

Based out of Massachusetts, the “Mass Construction Show” talks about all things construction, from risk management and building codes to real estate development and technology. Guests range from business owners to engineers, so you’re sure to learn something new every week.

Best for: Anyone working in the construction industry looking to learn more about their profession

Average episode length: 20-60 minutes

Where to listen: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

Recommended episode: “Cannabis Construction w/ Peter Regan of Vantage Builders”

  • Learn about what cannabis construction is and what a successful build looks like from start to finish
  • Highlights a new topic that is quickly gaining traction across the U.S.

12. Mass Timber Construction

Mass timber construction is a new, quickly growing building method that is making waves in the construction industry. This podcast examines the potential benefits of mass timber and provides global news updates for anyone who is working in the industry or wants to learn more.

Best for: Construction workers, architects, engineers, environmentalists and anyone else interested in learning more about mass timber construction

Average episode length: 10 minutes

Where to listen: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Recommended episode: “Mass Timber Construction Podcast Special Guest – Javier Glatt – Digital Mass Timber”

  • Focuses on how industry leaders are creating high-value, customizable software and pushing for innovation in mass timber construction
  • Features Javier Glatt, co-founder and CEO of CadMakers, a leading construction and manufacturing technology company

13. ASSP Construction Safety Podcasts

Construction site safety is a top priority for anyone working in the industry. To help keep everyone up to date on the latest safety standards, the American Society of Safety Professionals hosts regular podcasts covering safety best practices and tips for reducing risk on and off the worksite.

Best for: Construction professionals looking for the latest safety standards and tips

Average episode length: 15-30 minutes

Where to listen: ASSP, Spotify, Stitcher

Recommended episode: “Navigating the Road to Success as a Woman in Safety”

  • Discusses navigating challenges and creating strategies for building a successful career as a woman in safety and business
  • Features Tricia Kagerer, VP of construction at Jordan Foster Construction

14. Construction Revolution

Another podcast focusing on the latest technology and trends in the construction industry, “Construction Revolution” invites industry experts to talk about the ways their companies are leading innovation. Recent episodes cover topics like AI, concrete sensors, IoT and the ways they are revolutionizing the building process.

Best for: Construction professionals interested in the latest technology, trends and building practices

Average episode length: 20-40 minutes

Where to listen: Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts

Recommended episode: “A Deep Dive Into Giatec’s SmartRock Wireless Concrete Sensors with Sarah McGuire”

  • Highlights tips for efficiently securing a concrete strength estimation while focusing on Giatec’s SmartRock product
  • Features Sarah McGuire, senior director of sales at Giatec Scientific Inc.

15. The Connecting Construction

“The Connecting Construction” is a fairly new podcast created by Trimble to discuss popular topics surrounding project management. While not every episode centers around construction, this podcast is a great resource for project owners, managers and contractors who want to improve their project management skills and streamline their company’s practices.

Best for: Project owners, managers and other leaders looking for the latest trends related to project management

Average episode length: 30-50 minutes

Where to listen: e-Builder, Spotify, Apple Podcasts

Recommended episode: “Hrishi Manavi of Gilead Sciences”

  • Trimble’s newest episode discussing how the concept of anticipated cost theory affects construction projects across the globe
  • Features guest Hrishi Manavi of Gilead Sciences, Inc.

16. The Lien Zone

While “The Lien Zone” primarily focuses on construction law in Florida, host Alex Barthet’s legal advice can apply to construction companies and projects across the U.S. Both project owners and clients often bring their real-life legal questions, and Alex uses his experience as a lawyer board-certified in construction law to provide simple, easy-to-understand answers.

Best for: Construction professionals and clients seeking legal advice

Average episode length: 5-20 minutes

Where to listen: The Lien Zone, Spotify, Apple Podcasts

Recommended episode: “Understanding Your Insurance Coverage”

  • Covers the ins and outs of insurance coverage for contractors
  • Alexander Barthet pulls from his experience as a board-certified construction attorney to show you what to do if miscommunication causes a client to sue

17. Build Your House Yourself University

“Build Your House Yourself University” is a must-listen podcast for anyone interested in residential construction. If you don’t have a lot of experience with residential construction but want to learn more, this podcast can get you up to date on design basics, residential construction trends, working with professionals and construction lingo.

Best for: People interested in learning more about residential construction trends and best practices

Average episode length: 10-20 minutes

Where to listen: byhyu.com, Audible, Spotify

Recommended episode: “Learn From My Construction Challenges” 

  • Learn from a construction expert as they discuss tips for overcoming the most frustrating challenges they faced in their career
  • Perfect for DIY home builders or those just starting out in residential construction

BYHYU will teach you to save money and make smart decisions about the design and construction of the place you and your family call home." -Michelle Nelson, BYHU

18. The Peggy Smedley Show

“The Peggy Smedley Show” is an authoritative voice in the world of IoT and helps listeners understand the constantly evolving technology. While this podcast isn’t strictly construction-related, it covers the impact IoT has on the industry and infrastructure as a whole, making it a valuable resource for construction professionals who want to better understand IoT and digitization.

Best for: Construction professionals looking for a better understanding of IoT and digitization in the construction industry

Average episode length: 15-30 minutes

Where to listen: The Peggy Smedley Show, Spotify, Apple Podcasts

Recommended episode: “Manage Construction Project Risk”

  • Highlights tips for better managing construction project risk through predictive analytics and other specific skill sets
  • Features Varsha Bhave from Projectmates

19. The Construction Engineering Show

On “The Construction Engineering Show,” Bob Hildebranski uses his expertise as a professional civil engineer to discuss tools and techniques engineers, managers and technicians can use to improve the way they work. Recent episodes have covered a variety of topics related to the heavy civil and site development industry, including career advancement, making project adjustments and the basic tools of the trade.

Best for: Construction engineers, managers and technicians working in civil engineering

Average episode length: 15-30 minutes

Where to listen: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Listen Notes

Recommended episode: “Basics for the Win”

  • Learn the basic tools you need to be effective and efficient in your work
  • Host Bob Hildebranski discusses his strategy to reduce clutter and minimize distractions at work

20. The Conscious Builder

Casey Grey started “The Conscious Builder” podcast to help fellow construction professionals improve their business practices and become better builders. Guest speakers cover topics ranging from building a contracting business to making the construction industry more sustainable.

Best for: Construction professionals who want to be more aware of how their practices are helping or hurting their business

Average episode length: 30-60 minutes

Where to listen: The Conscious Builder, Audible, Spotify

Recommended episode: “Climate Change Mitigation and Resiliency with Janice Ashworth”

  • Learn about community-owned power and the benefits of climate resiliency efforts
  • Features Janice Ashworth, project manager for the City of Ottawa Climate Change Unit

Construction podcasts are a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the construction industry from real-world professionals and business owners. For more resources and information on construction-related topics, check out our lists of the best construction articles and books for this year.

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