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Mining and Minerals Industry

three excavators working in open dirt and rock site

Extracting valuable minerals safely and efficiently without harming the surrounding ecosystem is one of the biggest challenges for those in the mining industry. Equipment rentals from BigRentz are designed to provide effective solutions for your specific pain points. We stay up-to-date on the latest mining trends and advancements and strive to provide you with the tools you need to get the job done right.

Whether your project requires a standard or drag-line excavator, a loader, or a haul truck, you can count on us for heavy equipment that’s available when and where you need it. With equipment rentals, you can eliminate the expense of maintenance and repairs, and enjoy access to the exact tools that you need. In this ever-changing industry, affordable rentals are a convenient solution for your mining needs.

two excavators with tooth buckets raised over an open crater shaped mining field
bird's eye view of two men working on a mining field pointing at the dirt and holding a tablet

Rent Equipment for Your Next Mining and Minerals Project

Evolution of Mining and Minerals

The mining industry dates back to the 1600s when mines and minerals were excavated by hand. Lacking effective tools for locating valuable materials, mining activities were often managed haphazardly. The 1848 California Gold Rush is a prime example of the excitement and subsequent chaos that a mining rush could cause. Dynamite was used in early mining, but by the 1700s the use of such explosives became more refined. Following the industrial revolution, tools like drills and steam-powered pumps entered the industry.

As the technology evolved further, miners were able to access advanced machinery capable of grinding and crushing the earth to more effectively extract the necessary metals and mineral resources. Micro-explosives have entered the arena, allowing for more precision and care in mining operations. Drones can explore mines and help assess their safety. While earthmoving equipment is still used for mining materials, the overall process is far more organized and better informed today.

Trends in the Mining and Minerals Industry

According to Deloitte’s annual Tracking the Trends report, new data analysis methods and internal auditing algorithms are increasingly used to help mining companies manage risk. Digital supply chain systems can be used to improve accuracy and communication by taking advantage of real-time information.

From surface mining, and open pit mining, to underground mining, modern operations are increasingly informed by smart tech-based solutions that are designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of mining efforts. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are entering the industry as effective options for reviewing geological information and making informed decisions about where valuable resources are located and how to best access them. A 2018 article in Mining Review Africa posits that smart technology will have a significant impact on every aspect of the industry in the coming decades, from ethical and transparent operation to increased efficiency, development of new techniques for exploration, and reduced cost.

As more consumers demand electric vehicles, minerals such as copper, graphite, lithium, and cobalt are required for the battery manufacturing industry. This is expected to drive expansion and opportunity for the mining industry in the coming years, as well as the need for increased transparency when it comes to sourcing and excavating raw materials with minimal environmental damage from mines.

Environmental regulations are also expected to increase as stricter emissions and safety standards are globally adopted. New technology will be required to bring the mining industry in line with best practices for sustainable development and minimize land and environmental impact. Some experts even expect the industry to expand into the so-called final frontier with deep sea and space excavation.

Major Mining and Metals Projects

Starting a new mining project is a monumental task that requires extreme attention to detail. Mining companies must get approval from the local government, plan the extraction of minerals, and ensure that their operations are managed in a cost-effective and environmentally safe manner. The world’s largest mining projects are monumental in scale.

One of the largest new projects is the Quellaveco copper mine in Peru. Production is slated to begin in 2022 and is expected to increase mining output in the area to 300,000 tons a year and employ 9,000 people temporarily. In 2021, the South Flank iron ore mine is expected to begin production in Australia. This will create 2,500 temporary construction jobs that are expected to last through 2046.

Solutions for Mining and Minerals

The tasks involved in mining operations require a range of heavy machinery, including equipment to break down and remove stones, rocks, and metals and reclaim the land after the project is complete. You can tackle the many stages of mining and minerals projects efficiently by renting trucks, drills, and bulldozers. This gives you the flexibility to get what you need when you need it, and the convenience to send the equipment back when you’re done.

Rental lifts and trams can be used to transport resources such as minerals, precious metals, ore deposits, rocks, and machinery as well as personnel. Cranes, shovels, and trucks are also commonly used in surface mining. Draglines are used to clear dirt and debris from the project site so that ore can be accessed underneath.

Maintenance of Mining Equipment and Facilities

As with any type of large equipment, regular maintenance of mining equipment and facilities is essential to keep mining equipment in safe operating condition. The essential equipment used at the mines should be inspected regularly to ensure the safety of those working on the site. Large equipment like bulldozers and drills will require preventive maintenance on a regular basis. Repairs should be handled quickly to maintain efficiency on the worksite.

If you’re looking for affordable equipment to keep your mining and mineral processing projects running smoothly, Big Rentz has the rentals you need. You can access essential equipment for mines when you need it while leaving maintenance and repairs to us.